Sunday, December 28, 2008

All is well! I feel great and my cold is finally almost's nice to be able to breathe again! Matt sprained his ankle yesterday, so we've been quite the pair :) We never thought Lily would actually be late! But, the Lord keeps reminding us that His timing is perfect, and has truly given me a good peace that she'll come when she comes and I will be fully satisfied with that! Just wanted you all to have an update...we PROMISE to let you all know when she's soon as she decides :) \

"For lack of wood, the fire goes out." says Proverbs 26:20...

Put some wood on that fire this Sunday...Spend some time in the Word today, some time with our precious Lord...add some depth, some understanding and some peace to the fire He's given each of us for Him. Allow the fires He never started in you to extinguish, to starve...anger, unforgiveness, self-centeredness...

and pile good dry wood on those fires He has kindled...

have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

40 weeks!

Had my doctor's appointment yesterday, and everything continues to look "beautiful." They're not sure why she hasn't come yet because everything indicates that she, and I, are ready. She's just too warm and toasty and not quite ready to face the world yet, apparently! But I feel fine, and we're just waiting for her "any day now", or for her inducement, scheduled for 8 am January 2nd. Thank you for all your continued prayers and emails! We're just thanking the Lord for this little one, whenever she decides to come, and for this precious time we have in the States!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just back from our appointment (it was cancelled yesterday). I am 90%, 1 cm, and -1 station. If you don't know what that means, you probably don't want to, so don't worry about it :) It does mean that 2 of 3 factors are showing that Lily is good and ready to come, and one of those factors shows that I still have a while. Either way, it could be any day or I could still have 2 weeks, they just don't know. As always, "she'll come when she's ready!"

Worse case scenario, they tentatively scheduled her induction for January 2nd or 3rd. If she hasn't come on her own by then, she will be induced one of those two days (they won't let me go more than a week past my due date.). So, hopefully that won't be the case, but any way you look at it, Miss Lily will be here by January 3rd!

Meanwhile, we are feeling good! Thank you for all your prayers for our continued safety, health and prayers for the upcoming delivery!

Friday, December 12, 2008

38 weeks!

Well, the good news is that 95% of babies are born within 2 weeks of their due date, and for us, that starts today! I'm feeling increasingly tired and uncomfortable, but definitely nothing to complain about! I've been so blessed to miss out on so many of the common complaints of pregnancy once I got through that first 4 months! Lily is moving like crazy all the time, and it seems we're all just waiting...Next appointment: Monday morning.

Two good friends from college are in for the weekend, hoping to be around for Lily's arrival :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

baby shower!

Yesterday my sister threw me the most beautiful baby shower, attended by friends from all over Ohio and a few from PA! We had SUCH a wonderful day! Most of the people there were from my childhood church, women that taught with my mother, families that I baby-sat for (or that baby-sat me!), friends from high school and even a friend from college!

We ate AWESOME food, all of which Lisa made, opened presents and had some good time to catch up! Lily got some beautiful things, everything from toys and books to blankets, little outfits, one of them handmade, baby care supplies, a diaper bag...etc. We are so blessed to have all these necessary little baby things, and about a fourth of the people there were women who bought similar gifts for my mom when I was special!

For the baby shower activity, Lisa had bought and begun a beautiful scrapbook for Lily, and had a huge basket of craft supplies. Everyone that attended made a page for the scrapbook, with gorgeous stamps and ribbons and paper, and everyone signed their page. We then put all the pages in the book, giving me a full and complete scrapbook...just waiting for Lily photos!

Haitian vanilla with a cookie cutter and recipe was the favor, and right after everyone left we rushed Lisa off to the airport, sending her back to Chicago for her last three weeks of teaching before Christmas break.

Matt and I had SUCH a wonderful time, and felt SO very loved. Everything was beautiful, and the best part was just having so many women there that have blessed and enriched our lives and who have been a part of my mom's life, my life, my sister's life, and now Lily's! Thank you all for coming!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

9 months!

Today Lily is 36 weeks old and her dad is home! I can't imagine being much more uncomfortable, but Lily doesn't seem to care :) I've felt more movement the last 4 or 5 days than I ever have, and she's clearly having trouble getting comfortable as well! Our next doctor's appointment is on Monday, and Matt and I are determined to enjoy these last days as a couple before Lily comes. She got the most beautiful blanket from the Fero's a few days ago, and today got a beautiful book from the Waggoner's about children from all around the world...Thank you so much! Lily's baby shower is Sunday, so I'll have more pictures then!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a round baby bird!

We had our first appointment today in four months, and Lily is doing perfectly! She's head down in the perfect position for a normal delivery, and she's 5 pounds 12 ounces, putting this little one in the 60th percentile for weight! 5 months ago she was underweight and I was underweight, and now, four months of rice, beans and corn mush later, she's just a round little thing with chubby thighs :) Our doctor was pleased with my health and hers, and it was a nice relief to hear and see that everything is just fine and right on schedule: due date...still December 26th, and predicted birth weight: right around 8 pounds.

Personally, I thought her head looked a little big, but that is probably just because I'm the one getting ready to deliver!

The secretary mentioned that her cousins worked in Haiti, only to discover that her cousins are our good friends in Port-au-Prince that just visited us last month, whom I lived with for seven months in college, Greg and Cathie! It's such a small world :)

Thank you all for your prayers these past months that Lily and I have had no medical...anything! The Lord's been taking care of us, and we know so many of you have been faithful in praying for our little family. 5 weeks!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

home safely!

After a VERY long day yesterday, Lily and I are home safely and happy to be in a colder, less bumpy environment! We're getting ready for our doctor's appointment tomorrow, pre-registering with the hospital, finding a pediatrician...etc. Thanks for your prayers getting us home! We'll let you know how tomorrow goes!

Lily is definitely protesting much less in this snowy weather!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

presents and my big belly

"OOOOOOooo!" said 2 year-old Gideon last night at our Tuesday potluck, staring up at my stomach in wonder. He quickly stuck both hands on it, and said loudly in amazement, "THAT is a BIG belly!"

He's seen me 20 times before and has never mentioned it :) He quickly followed it by his favorite phrase: "Wh-hy?"

"Because I have a baby in my belly."


too cute!

AND, yesterday was a BIG day for Lily and I! We got two big boxes in the mail: One, her crib!!!! and the other, a goody box from Tim and Carey, with a new lamp, some adorable clothes, hangers, and shades for the back seat windows of the truck! (Thank you, thank you!)

Matt, after a ridiculously long day, sweetly dove right into the crib building when we got home from our last meeting of the day at 7:00, knowing how anxious I have been to have her crib! By 8:30, it was finished (don't have the mattress yet, but STILL looks SO good). SO exciting! It's such a beautiful crib (THANK YOU so much!!!) and Lily now has a place to sleep, so we guess she can come now! (or at least, as soon as I get to a hospital!)

It's a little sad that we're not going to be able to bring Lily home to her new room for several weeks after she is born, but we're pretty sure she won't mind.

We are SO very blessed...The Lord has taken such good care of us, providing above and beyond our needs, constantly overwhelming us with His faithfulness to lavish love upon us as we live and work here! Thank you for all of your encouragement and prayers! Lily will be 34 weeks old on Friday!

Friday, November 7, 2008

surprise shower!

THANK YOU Angie, Dorothy, Lilibeth, Cammie, Jen, Doreen, Erica, Kate, Mary Lou, Alanna, Brianna, Dora, Daphne, Kristina and John!!! Tonight we had SUCH a blessing and a total surprise! A "last minute tea party for the kids" following our women's prayer group was actually a surprise shower for us and for Lily! We had NO idea (the thought had never even occurred to me that we would have a shower here!) and it was SO fun!

There were flowers, presents, a gorgeous from-scratch "Lily" cake and games, and Matt and I (and Lily!) just felt overwhelmingly blessed and touched! We got lots of infant diapers (didn't think it was possible for diapers to be cute!), bath stuff, some adorable outfits, a beautiful violet blanket, bottles...etc! Pulling off a lovely party like this in Haiti is JUST not easy...I have no idea where everyone found such lovely gifts and wrappings and all, but it was PERFECT. I think everyone should have a baby shower for themselves a few times a year to remind them how blessed they are to simply be loved!

Only wish I had thought to get a group photo!

Lily is 33 weeks today, and we are grateful for this Haiti family that she already has!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

8 months...

Whew, that has to mean the end is in sight, right? Yesterday marked 32 weeks, or 8 months, with just 8 weeks left to go, give or take! Most days, I'm feeling good, especially considering that I am carrying a 4 pound, 17 inch baby around all the time, who insists on sitting in all the wrong places and shoving her heels and fists into my ribs and lungs :)

We had SUCH an exciting mail day on Thursday (really, mail day is like Christmas day whenever you get packages!) Lily got a box from Hannah, Lori and June...complete with some of the CUTEST baby outfits, a blanket Hannah MADE, teethers, nail clippers, baby shampoo...the WORKS. Not only that, but Lily's parents got some of the best of the best...goodies from a baking event at New Bedford (oh my heavens...thank you), air tight containers, a TOO cute snow lamp, and lots of other wonderful things. Thank you guys SO much!

Lily's convertible car seat also came this week (thank you, Millers!!!), and our mail carrier notified us that Lily's crib is coming in next week! All of this is so realize that we are almost there, that Lily WILL have a bed and a car seat and clothes and everything that she needs, and that this increasingly exhausting and uncomfortable stage in life is almost finished (to be replaced with a different kind of exhausting stage in life!)

Thank you all for your continued prayers, especially for our health as we spend the next few weeks here in Haiti before heading to the States.

Friday, October 24, 2008

"teacher, you are very big"

Lily must be hitting that "growth spurt" my pregnancy books keep talking about, because this morning even one of my students (to the hearty agreement of my class) proclaimed the fact that I am noticeably bigger than I was a week or two ago. Our secretary saw me speaking to a non-pregnant woman yesterday, and joyfully remarked: "Look, big belly talking to little belly!"

Ah, the joys of having your body live in one cultural state, and your mind living in another :) I'm trying not to think about how much weight I've gained and am focusing on how healthy Lily must be :)

I'm working overtime to get things prepared for me to leave November 17th...I will be able to do most of my marketing work from the States, but am putting things together for someone to cover my English classes, and for someone to feed Matt! If Lily would tell us her exact due date, and if we knew exactly how long it was going to take to get her passport, we'd be able to plan a little better :) ! All in the Lord's timing...

After feeling pretty sick this past week, and rather emotional, dear Matt took me out for lunch today, something that is incredibly difficult and inconvenient was very sweet of him! I continue to be SO grateful for him, and look forward to being a parent with him!

Give or take...62 more days!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Lily's Big 3-0!

Today we are at 30 weeks, which both feels like I've been pregnant FOREVER and also like there is a BABY coming soon and when in the world did that happen?

Our internet weekly updates emailed to remind us that in 8-12 weeks, we'll be holding our new baby, which really is a crazy thought!

(Bundy is showing you HIS big belly).

I'm so thankful, SO thankful, that the Lord has been in control this whole time and continues to be! People and my brain keep asking, "Aren't you worried that such-and-such could happen?" or "What if you go into labor early?" and the Lord has given me such a peace to immediately recognize that the Lord IS in control here, and has been the one taking care of Lily from the start, so I think He's worthy to trust! Please keep praying for our health and for these crazy emotions that are setting in!
We are celebrating today with a wonderful box of baby goodies from June (We love the blankets! THANK YOU!), TOO cute new headbands and a teething blanket from Ricky and Aidan, and some adorable new pj's from Aunt Laura and Uncle Casey along with some great baby necessities! Great Aunt Patty sent us a pink cake mix with pink confetti icing this past week, so we think today is a good excuse to make it!

Matt continues to be wonderful, though neither of us are looking forward to separating again in just a month from today :( My class is quite disappointed that I'm going to be leaving them, though since meeting my dad a few weeks ago, completely agree that it makes more sense that I have the baby near "Mister Malcolm". The search for a substitute continues, and as of yet, life isn't slowing down at all!

Thank you for all your prayers, packages, cards, support, help ( grateful for the pediatrician information!) and for constantly giving the three of us to the Lord!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

29 weeks and Dad back home...

Lily is quite happy that Matt is finally back home, and was kicking up a storm for him last night. He brought her a little pair of the cutest house slippers and a new hat from the States...!

She ALSO got a baby bouncer from Aunt Laura and Uncle Casey this week, our first piece of baby furniture! The gifts and her new bedroom and the fact that I am leaving Haiti at 35 weeks to HAVE a baby (and that is so soon, now!) are really starting to make this all more real! Someone also sent us the DVD set of "Laugh and Learn: Delivery" and "Laugh and Learn: Newborn Care." We haven't gotten brave enough to 'laugh and learn' about delivery yet, but the newborn care DVD was great, and the model's baby's name was Lily...These videos will be our version of Lamaze classes and childcare sessions!

While everyone else in Haiti continues to call me "gwo vant" or "big belly", one dear old man continues to only call me "Ti Madame" or "little wife." I could kiss him every time, it makes me feel so much better :)

Our doctor and nurse both left permanently this past week, but I continue to be feeling well...Thank you for your continued prayers!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lily's Nest

Grandpa got all the holes patched, the cracks filled, the walls painted and the curtain rods hung, and Lily's room is looking so good! You can't see the color very well in the photos, but it is a nice calm mocha color, which looks so good with the white curtains (we still are waiting for more curtains from Target) and white accents! Her daisy hooks are SO cute, and whenever we get a crib, it is going under the "L". We're also going to hang curtains over the closet, and we have a carpet to put down once it's time (things get SO dirty here...we're saving it in the plastic!)

I'm hoping to have a changing table built, and have little matching daisy drawer pulls! So, it's still quite empty and not finished yet, but it is looking so good, and it's SO exciting to have a "new" room for the new baby!

Friday, October 3, 2008

7 months!

Lily is 28 weeks old today, hitting the 7 month mark! I can TELL I'm seven months, too...:) She's not comfortable, I'm not comfortable, she's getting big, I'm getting big, she's getting bored, I'm getting bored :) We'll both be very ready whenever it is her perfect time to come!
Meanwhile, we're both thrilled to have "Grandpa" here helping us out...killing the spiders for us (and last night catching a huge frog in the house), changing out the propane tanks, making us rest, and painting Lily's room! It's finally starting to look like a different room. This photo is "in progress", and hopefully we'll have it finished (though void of all furniture, etc) before Dad leaves.I can see my stomach moving regularly now, which is still so weird. We both miss Matt! Can't wait to show him the new room...

Thank you, Lee, for my new maternity is so nice and cool!

Friday, September 26, 2008

bring on the 3rd trimester!

Today is the last day of trimester 2, and all three of us are glad! Lily's been active as can be this week, kicking so hard that you can see my stomach move. Bundy, our cat, loves sleeping between my belly and a pillow, and she was kicking him so much a few days ago that he glared at me (as if this is my fault) and got off the bed to sleep on the floor. Matt's gotten to feel her lots, too! The reality of her coming is definitely settling in!

Meanwhile, Lily got an awesome gift on Thursday from Heather! I am SO excited now about getting her room painted so we can mount the "L" above where her crib will be! Heather, thank you SO much! We love it!!!

She also got some new baby clothes from her grandmom, (our favorite is the white one piece with the ruffles on the butt!) even including a rock n' roll onesie from Pop Pop!

Lily is already quite blessed with lots of love, and so are we!

Friday, September 19, 2008

26 weeks!

Grandma and Grandpa...thank you for the new maternity shirts! So cute, and they fit perfectly, and give me room to grow! Your box and Patty's just came yesterday...thank you so much!

We are 26 weeks today, and are beginning our LAST week of our 2nd trimester! CRAZY! I bought tickets this past week to head back to the States November 17th for our last five weeks of pregnancy. Matt will follow three weeks later, as soon as school has ended.

New paint came from Florida for Lily's room, which is still not looking anything like a baby's room whatsoever. But, it is happy and peaceful in our minds, and will all come in place in good time. If only we could just run to Walmart!

We're just praising the Lord for each day He's giving us and for this continuing miracle in our lives!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

25 weeks!

We are one week away from our third trimester, Lily is nearing 2 pounds, and we just can't believe how the weeks are flying!

We have to share a huge answer to prayer with you each. I didn't feel Lily move at all on Monday, which by Monday night was a bit concerning. Matt was sure I was worrying too much, and I kept trying to give it to the Lord. However, whenever I didn't feel her at all on Tuesday, or again on Wednesday, we were both getting really concerned. Thursday morning we tried to get her to move in every way we could, but felt nothing.

We were devastated, fighting back worry and unsure of what to do. We had been praying fervently for a miracle, but... I have no doctor to call, no women's clinic to go to, no "back up" plan for what to do whenever you are worried, no car to jump into and no hospital to head to. In tears we called our neighbor-friend over, Amy, who is a nurse. She asked us a few questions and promised to talk to our missionary doctor, Gavin. We headed to class as I battled tears through teaching. After class we headed back to the house, where Dr. Gavin and Amy were waiting, having dropped everything at our clinic (which does no prenatal or maternity or women's care). Gavin was obviously concerned as well, and put us all in his car (despite the fuel shortage) and drove us to a building Matt and I had never seen before 5 miles down the road.

We went inside, but quickly realized there was no electricity. Gavin spoke to the people inside, who also quickly informed him there was no doctor. They did, however, have an ultrasound machine. We continued to pray urgently for some way to KNOW that Lily was ok. Gavin spoke to them again, and somehow, the Lord talked them into turning on a generator somewhere. He spoke to them again through Gavin, and somehow convinced them to let HIM run the ultrasound machine. Within minutes, we were led to a VERY sketchy back room with a VERY unreliable looking ultrasound machine and left alone with this expensive piece of equipment.

The second Gavin put the dirty wand to my stomach, one thing was vibrantly clear...Lily's heart was just pounding away, beating strong and steady. It wasn't the best picture, but for several minutes we just watched her...watched her heart, saw how much she has grown, saw her little head and ribs and legs and even saw her move several times, though I couldn't feel it.

A few moments later we were back in the car with no bill and not a dry eye in the car. Whoever says that God doesn't do miracles anymore 1) hasn't seen the miracle I'm carrying right now, and 2) doesn't realize that getting a free ultrasound 5 miles from my house 1 hour after calling our neighbor IN HAITI when there was no doctor and no fuel and no electricity, IS a miracle.

All this to say that Lily is doing just fine, has been kicking up a storm since then, and I'm holding onto the miracles He continues to do in our lives, pondering all these things in my increasingly motherly heart.

The many of you who have promised lots of prayers are obviously praying...thank you so very much!

Monday, September 8, 2008

month 6!

Friday we hit the 24 week mark! One of my students is 26 weeks pregnant, and looks about 3 months more pregnant than I do, but I'm still feeling quite large. Thankfully, I'm also feeling better than I have in, well, months...finally not feeling sick anymore and aside from being a little tired and more clumsy, I feel good!

We began working on Lily's room this past weekend, getting rid of one of the guest beds that was there, giving away the termite infested closet doors, and trying to decide what furniture we could get here and which we need to register for. We are going to try to have a changing table/dresser built, but went on ahead and registered for a crib and car seat...I'm really not sure what a Haitian built car seat would look like :) Dad is coming in a few weeks, and has promised to paint her room, and I finally ordered some paint from Florida, though with the storms it may be a while getting in. It is fun to at least be working on the room!

Supposedly Lily is about 1.5 pounds now, and I can definitely feel the difference. I feel her kicking all hours of the day and night now, and she seems to be kicking a lot more! Time is really starting to fly now, and it's unbelievable to think how life will be changing in just a few short months!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

baby shower!

After almost 3 weeks of delayed mail due to all of the hurricanes affecting either Florida or Haiti, we finally got a shipment of boxes yesterday! And what awesome boxes they were, with four separate boxes just celebrating Lily and giving Matt and I both the reminder of some of the more fun things about Lily coming!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the fun baby clothes and necessities!

Coffmans, thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful photo album and baby books, and for some adorable clothes, towels and washcloths!

Lori, this outfit is TOO CUTE, and I really don't know how you found a baby mosquito net! The hangers, too, came at the perfect time!

Laura, they finally are already such an amazing aunt and sister to us three! And as promised, here's a couple photos of my ever-expanding midsection!

Lisa, Matt LOVES the overall dress, and the CD's and candy got me through our first long day of meetings today!
And Patty, the maternity clothes, not to mention the mango pop-tarts and twizzlers are all things I'm becoming quite dependent on :) You're wonderful...

You all are wonderful, and on top of the beautiful gifts, we are so thankful for everyone's encouragement and prayers! I felt a little saddened this week looking at what will be Lily's room...wanting to decorate and go "all out", and instead not even being able to go to Target or somewhere when I'm feeling hot, fat, sore and tired to buy a pair of baby socks! So these gifts blessed me so much...The Lord knows what I need, and sent these gorgeous things through you all to remind me that even though I can't do some fun "baby things" He's still taking care of us and blessing us in other ways!

Friday, August 22, 2008

22 weeks today!

Lily is supposed to be hitting the one pound mark this week! I'm still only 2 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, but my belly keeps getting bigger and she is definitely getting stronger! She's still pretty calm during the day, but any hour of the night, now, Matt and I can both feel her dancing around. Not ballet or the waltz, more like the Can-Can!

Her eyelashes and eyebrows and taste-buds are all supposed to be forming this week, and all my books say that while she's been able to hear our voices for several weeks now, she can now distinguish Matt's and my voices from other voices...pretty crazy!

I was thoroughly scolded this week by a Haitian woman who saw me walk in the rain. Rain, apparently, is very very bad for pregnant women, as are stairs, the sunshine, heels greater than 1/4 inch, and standing for more than 2 minutes at a time! It also seems to be very appropriate for people to just stare at my stomach. Our students are starting to come back now, and instead of saying anything, like "Congratulations", they have just been staring at my belly while I am trying to talk to them, and then whenever I finally say, "So, you see we are pregnant", then they will talk about it...usually with, "I am so happy to see your stomach! I hope it is a boy!" It really is fun experiencing all of this in another culture...we'll have good stories to tell Lily :)

It's really starting to hit us how much life is going to be changing very soon now!

Friday, August 15, 2008

week 21

Lily is officially 21 today, and keeping surprisingly calm about it :) I'm feeling good...just obviously a little warm and tired. Lily is mostly still during the day, with a kick or two here and there, but I can feel her moving almost any hour of the night.

Having the Bundy kids back has been a blast as far as Lily is concerned. Before any of them greet me, they first yell a hearty "Hello!" at my belly and usually give it a joyful pat. Alanna, Brianna and Jake bring her all sorts of flowers, which I am to save for her for after I get "REALLY BIG, and then she COMES!"

Two days ago Alanna continued to roar like a lion at my stomach. When I finally asked what in the world she was doing, she told me she was indeed "roaring like a lion, so that whenever the baby comes, she'll think she is born in a zoo!" I'm not sure why this is a perk, but Alanna seems to think this is a good thing. Both girls talk to Lily as if she is playing next to them, but Jake is quite confused about her name. Since I had explained that a lily is a flower, he continues to just call her "Flower", and whenever one of the girls corrects him, he says, "OH, so you're going to call her Lily for short?"

Their mom is a good mom, they insist, because her mom taught her, and "because MY mom is not in Haiti to teach me," Brianna has promised that all four of them will help me learn.

Mostly, it has just been a joy for us both to remember what a joy children are, how funny and smart they are, and how capable they are of reminding us how unimportant many of our "very important" things are. They are good for our priorities, and it's been wonderful having their squeals outside our window and their laughter in the house again.

Congrats, Jenny and Will, on your precious new son!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

feeling Lily

I was pretty sure I felt Lily kicking a few days ago, then definitely felt her kicking on Sunday, and then all throughout the night last night I could feel her bumping around frequently...It's the coolest thing now to be more confident that that is what I'm feeling, though Matt is still quite disappointed that he can't feel anything...soon!

We got two old rocking chairs yesterday from a missionary that just left the field. They are in pretty bad shape, but Matt is going to work on one of them and get it ready for Lily's room. We'll only be in this house for about 4 months after she is born, so we don't want to go all out on her room, but I am hoping to decorate a little bit in the coming months. Hopefully we'll get to do some painting/etc. at the next house. God always seems to have us on the move...we're so thankful He's got Lily on the move, too!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today, we are officially 20 weeks pregnant, exactly halfway there! Lily is supposedly 10 inches long from head to toe and around 10 oz...almost a pound now. My pregnancy book outlines a pregnancy as 10 months, 4 weeks each month, 40 weeks. So based on this, I am 5 months along.

In so many ways it seems unbelievable that I am halfway along in this pregnancy, and in other ways it feels like I've been pregnant forever, and like another 20 weeks is an incredibly long time. We're sure it will fly, and are hoping the last 20 weeks are a little bit easier.

Lily and I celebrated by wearing our brand new maternity dress that we got in the mail yesterday (THANK YOU, Don and Brenda!) and by having homemade pizza for dinner, a rare luxury. (We have to have cheese shipped in, so we don't do a lot of pizza!)

As excited as we are for this drastic and beautiful change in our lives, we are trying to soak up the independence that we enjoy now...spending some evenings with coffee and good books, sleeping in on Saturdays, coming and going as it works for us... The Lord definitely has a time for everything, and we're adamant that we enjoy exactly what He's given us as He gives!

A year from now, Lily will be 7 months old. Now THAT is crazy!

Friday, August 1, 2008

19 weeks!

We're happy 19 weeks today, and I just cannot imagine feeling any bigger than I do right now! According to all my books (and my dad) this is going to be a problem, because NOW is when I'm supposed to start really getting big :) Our 2 mile walk to and from the market today, even before the heat of the day, proved to be just a little much for Lily. I'm not sure if it was the heat, the hike, or the cow's snouts, sitting in the sun covered in flies, that really did me in, but I think next time I'll pay a neighbor kid to make the trip for me :)

We were also able to finally catch up with one of my dearest friends here, Madame Giselaine...She knocked on the door first thing because she was dying to see my "ti-vann", or small belly. She was in complete awe over the ultrasound pictures, raving over the miracles of science and of Our God. Everyone is quite disappointed to hear that we won't be having the baby here, but understand the concept of our families wanting us to be with them.

Giselaine will probably be the friend who will watch Lily while I am teaching from 8-9 each morning, so she seemed satisfied to know that she'll have as vital a part in Lily's life as she has already had in mine and in Matt's. We are so very blessed to have so many people around the world already praying and excited over this little one. We cannot wait to see what the Lord has in His perfect plan for her...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

feeling fine...

One of our number one urgent prayer concerns for returning to Haiti has been my health. I was sicker than I have ever been the two months before we left for our 5 weeks home. Because of this, Matt and I were both more than a little nervous about returning, and even had several "back up plans" for if I fell really ill again.

However, the Lord has more than answered our prayers, and while I'm not feeling nearly as good as I was in the cooler weather that Ohio and Delaware offered, I'm feeling 6 thousand times better than I was when we left...and it is hotter now than it was! I didn't even need a nap today, and as long as I'm eating something every 2 hours or so, I've been feeling good!

This really is such a praise, and we appreciate all of your prayers!!!

We have also learned that our AIDS clinic will be able to do my glucose and hemoglobin tests at week 28, something our doctor was concerned about us missing, another answer to prayer!

Our Haitian friends are overjoyed (no exaggeration, like jumping up and down) about our pregnancy! While I'm trying to not let the 4 identical yet glowing compliments of "Oh! Look! You look so fat!" get me down, everyone's excitement over us "FINALLY" having children is contagious.

I showed Micheline, a good friend, our ultrasound pictures today, something she had NEVER seen before. I showed her in each picture, "This is her head, and this is her back", but it was obvious that not only did she not recognize at all these shapes of bone and flesh as a child, but that she didn't believe me, and was politely taking my word for it so that I wouldn't feel bad :)

(Lily at 18 weeks)

Everyone is also convinced that there is no way anyone could know if this baby is a boy or a girl until they are delivered, so I think people are just getting the impression that we WANT our little girl to be a little girl...again, very polite "Oh, yes"s.

Nonetheless, whenever I asked Micheline what her small children were doing at home today, she said that they were playing a game (which sounded something like jacks) with goat's eyeballs, because they bounce so very well.

So, we all just continue to learn more and more about each other's culture, and it is such a joy to share in such things with our brothers and sisters, whose hearts are always so open.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

it's a girl!!!

We had our last appointment today before leaving for Haiti, and we are having a baby girl!!! We also got to check out all of her organs, and everything looks really good. She's doubled in weight since our last appointment just 4 weeks ago, and weighed in at 8 oz's today. It was so fun just to see her again...moving all over the place and so much obviously bigger than last time! We are just so thankful for this miracle, and continue to place her in His hands.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

fun with friends!

We had such a great time with Maria and Elisa, who are already fighting over who will be the favored aunt :) They bought us some of the cutest new baby clothes, and an adorable blanket. I am so thankful for so many people in our lives who already love this little one and are helping us prepare for him/her!

Our next/final appointment is on Thursday...they plan to check out all of baby's organs, and to determine whether the baby is a boy or girl :) Tomorrow we help aunt Lisa move into her new apartment. I am feeling pretty wiped after so much traveling, but rest is ahead (we think!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

4 months and a mini baby-shower!

We're past the four month mark now, and the baby is making him/herself more and more known. Not only is he/she obviously growing, but he's also often shifting from side to side, and she's making me ridiculously tired. After speaking for just the first two services on Sunday morning, baby made it quite clear that she was ready to be done whether I was finished or not, and by the time we got at 3:30, I was so tired I could barely make it up the stairs. I slept soundly for 4 1/2 hours without waking up Now the baby has forgiven me, but I'm still quite ready for bed.
We had the most wonderful blessing Saturday evening. Matt's father's cousins came to hear us speak at Cornerstone Church, and afterwards came back to the house for dinner. After dinner, they completely surprised Matt and I with some GORGEOUS gifts...a few beautiful bibs and onsies, as well as three AMAZING maternity outfits for me. Each item was selected to be PERFECT for Haiti...three skirts and three matching tops and matching baby/mom nightgowns. Marcelle and George also gave us some hats for Haiti, complete with LED lights for my "the power is out and I'm trying to make dinner!" experiences, and a pregnancy journal. Everything was gorgeous and soft and beautiful...I was so floored and touched by such amazing kindness, and they picked out everything with such obvious care. It was something I will remember for a long time, and I must admit, it is so fun to have a few little baby things!!! George and Marcelle, THANK YOU so much!!!
July 24th is scheduled for our last medical appointment and hopefully to find out if this baby is a little boy or girl. We can't wait!!!