Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ah, these girls are so precious!  Lily has been adjusting way better to having kids in her life, and after a few days of sitting in her "whine" chair, she now immediately shoots you a HUGE grin if you say, "Lily, do you need to go sit in your whiny chair for a minute?"

She ADORES racing around the seminary on her bike with Azi, Gideon and Abigail, and starts talking about riding with them from the moment she wakes up.  They find frogs together, pretend they're camping, draw on the sidewalks, swing, hang out with the students, chase the dogs, color, build houses, etc.  

We spent the afternoon at the pool with Sam, Cam, Gid, Az, Biga, Junior, Thelo, Napo and Leandre, and had a really nice time...Lily is a fish and the more, the merrier!

Thanks for your continued prayers as we work full-time to raise the girls in Him!

We miss Matt and will be very glad to have him home tomorrow.  As Lily told Aunt Elisa when she got here, "My poppy is not here, because he is very smart."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

time out!

When I found Sofie like this at bedtime last night, I had to laugh, because I felt the same way.
These last few days have just been crazy!  Mothering is no glamourous profession.  There is a sparkle pony in my crock pot.  And a slew of "sleeping" bugs locked in my tupperwear container.  And Gak mushed into the couch cushion.  And little toys EVERYWHERE (but especially wherever I step!) And cracker crumbs in MY bed.  Lily had to be spanked once and in time-out 5 times.  And all this was just yesterday!
Having kid-friends living next door has been such a joy!  The girls love them, there are endless things to do together, Lily has constant playmates, they are REALLY good kids...etc.

However, going from being a bit of an "only child" to being one of five has been bringing out the worst in Lil.  My pleasant toddler is suddenly whining and fussing and crying what feels like CONSTANTLY.  Her "cute" bossiness with Mommy and Daddy has reared it's ugly head with ordering the other kids, and her care-givers, around.  (She told me tearfully yesterday that Noel simple refused to obey her.  oh my)  Her "spiritedness" is coming out in blatant disobedience.  Her normal compliant self is giving me the response, "No, I don't want to" to literally EVERYTHING I am asking.

Having all of these new opportunities to obey or disobey, respond well or respond poorly, share or not share, think of herself or think of GOOD.  I'm so thankful that she's having the chance to make more of these choices because these offer more opportunities for us to disciple her in Jesus.  

However, having more chances to do what is right is also giving her more chances to NOT do what is right...and it is exhausting to stay consistent, address these issues EVERY time, stop what I'm doing and take advantage of each of these opportunities as teaching opportunities, and just trying to keep patient and loving in the discipline.  

Lily's driving me to the Word, and our best parenting books (Hints on Child Training by H. Clay Trumbull, Discipleship in the Home by Matt Friedeman, Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving by Charles Swindoll), all the more, which is a good thing, too.  

All that to say, be praying for us, will you?  This "first ministry" that He's called us to of having a High-Righteous (Discipline, Justice, Standards, Punishment, Uprightness, Toughness) AND High-Love (Intimacy, Affection, Grace, Kindness, Mercy, Tenderness) family is no easy ministry!  It's a full-time job!

These precious girls are His...and we want to give Him our best!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

bekàn & tutu

A few weeks ago, we said "Lily!  Your new friends are coming soon, and they'll be riding bikes...if you want to ride with them you've GOT to learn to pedal by yourself."  Well, after that, over and over again every day she worked and with a few tricks from Junior and the reminder that the kids were coming, she did it!  But now that they're here, she's a master :)  She is ALL over the place!
 And Sofie is so close to walking that we're just days away.  She won't hold both hands any more, but wants to walk with as little help as possible, and yesterday (accidentally) took three steps to me from Maxi like it was pie.  

LITTLE MATT right here, folks.

Lily is saying so much funny stuff lately.  A few days ago she asked a visitor, "Do you think I could get away with taking off my shirt?"  Then on Wednesday, she said, "Whoa, Mom, I just thought to myself, that bell is SO loud" which was the first time I've heard her refer to thinking to herself.  

 She LOVES her new friends and is especially enthralled with Azi (4)...she wants to be with the kids constantly.  But then today she asked all day to go visit Noel's house, asking if Sofie and Mommy could stay home.  I finally told her the three of us could go, and she had a blast running around the yard like crazy with Noel's nieces and nephews.  I'm thrilled she's getting so much better with being around kids her age...though I must admit...I'm missing my girl :(  She's way less interested in Momma than she was just a few weeks ago!
Then I came home from work yesterday, picked up Sofie, who saw the dog, pointed, and said clear as day, "Tu-Tu!" (Creole slang for dog).  Micheline and Noel were grinning, because for all I've worked with her on "Doggie", they've been working just as hard on "Tu-Tu."  

Lily's first word was "Doggie", and Sofie's, as well :) 

I love my many of my smiles begin with them!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

How's THAT for a family Easter picture :)  It was the best we got at 5:30 am on our way out the door to sunrise service :)  Thank you, Grammy, for the beautiful new Easter dresses!

Both Lily and Kristina insisted on wearing their butterfly headbands to the church service this morning.

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