Wednesday, July 30, 2008

feeling fine...

One of our number one urgent prayer concerns for returning to Haiti has been my health. I was sicker than I have ever been the two months before we left for our 5 weeks home. Because of this, Matt and I were both more than a little nervous about returning, and even had several "back up plans" for if I fell really ill again.

However, the Lord has more than answered our prayers, and while I'm not feeling nearly as good as I was in the cooler weather that Ohio and Delaware offered, I'm feeling 6 thousand times better than I was when we left...and it is hotter now than it was! I didn't even need a nap today, and as long as I'm eating something every 2 hours or so, I've been feeling good!

This really is such a praise, and we appreciate all of your prayers!!!

We have also learned that our AIDS clinic will be able to do my glucose and hemoglobin tests at week 28, something our doctor was concerned about us missing, another answer to prayer!

Our Haitian friends are overjoyed (no exaggeration, like jumping up and down) about our pregnancy! While I'm trying to not let the 4 identical yet glowing compliments of "Oh! Look! You look so fat!" get me down, everyone's excitement over us "FINALLY" having children is contagious.

I showed Micheline, a good friend, our ultrasound pictures today, something she had NEVER seen before. I showed her in each picture, "This is her head, and this is her back", but it was obvious that not only did she not recognize at all these shapes of bone and flesh as a child, but that she didn't believe me, and was politely taking my word for it so that I wouldn't feel bad :)

(Lily at 18 weeks)

Everyone is also convinced that there is no way anyone could know if this baby is a boy or a girl until they are delivered, so I think people are just getting the impression that we WANT our little girl to be a little girl...again, very polite "Oh, yes"s.

Nonetheless, whenever I asked Micheline what her small children were doing at home today, she said that they were playing a game (which sounded something like jacks) with goat's eyeballs, because they bounce so very well.

So, we all just continue to learn more and more about each other's culture, and it is such a joy to share in such things with our brothers and sisters, whose hearts are always so open.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

it's a girl!!!

We had our last appointment today before leaving for Haiti, and we are having a baby girl!!! We also got to check out all of her organs, and everything looks really good. She's doubled in weight since our last appointment just 4 weeks ago, and weighed in at 8 oz's today. It was so fun just to see her again...moving all over the place and so much obviously bigger than last time! We are just so thankful for this miracle, and continue to place her in His hands.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

fun with friends!

We had such a great time with Maria and Elisa, who are already fighting over who will be the favored aunt :) They bought us some of the cutest new baby clothes, and an adorable blanket. I am so thankful for so many people in our lives who already love this little one and are helping us prepare for him/her!

Our next/final appointment is on Thursday...they plan to check out all of baby's organs, and to determine whether the baby is a boy or girl :) Tomorrow we help aunt Lisa move into her new apartment. I am feeling pretty wiped after so much traveling, but rest is ahead (we think!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

4 months and a mini baby-shower!

We're past the four month mark now, and the baby is making him/herself more and more known. Not only is he/she obviously growing, but he's also often shifting from side to side, and she's making me ridiculously tired. After speaking for just the first two services on Sunday morning, baby made it quite clear that she was ready to be done whether I was finished or not, and by the time we got at 3:30, I was so tired I could barely make it up the stairs. I slept soundly for 4 1/2 hours without waking up Now the baby has forgiven me, but I'm still quite ready for bed.
We had the most wonderful blessing Saturday evening. Matt's father's cousins came to hear us speak at Cornerstone Church, and afterwards came back to the house for dinner. After dinner, they completely surprised Matt and I with some GORGEOUS gifts...a few beautiful bibs and onsies, as well as three AMAZING maternity outfits for me. Each item was selected to be PERFECT for Haiti...three skirts and three matching tops and matching baby/mom nightgowns. Marcelle and George also gave us some hats for Haiti, complete with LED lights for my "the power is out and I'm trying to make dinner!" experiences, and a pregnancy journal. Everything was gorgeous and soft and beautiful...I was so floored and touched by such amazing kindness, and they picked out everything with such obvious care. It was something I will remember for a long time, and I must admit, it is so fun to have a few little baby things!!! George and Marcelle, THANK YOU so much!!!
July 24th is scheduled for our last medical appointment and hopefully to find out if this baby is a little boy or girl. We can't wait!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

at 3 months

We're currently almost 16 weeks (4 months, Patty :), but are trying to catch up our pictures. We'll have some ultrasound scans up cool! We're in Delaware, enjoying time with Matt's family and discovering that "Baby like RIBS". I've never been much of a meat eater, but man, BBQ ribs are hitting the spot!

It's been SO fun finally being able to tell everyone and such a blessing to be feeling so much better most of the time...I'm completely clueless about whether I'm carrying a boy or a much for "motherly intuition"...but we are really excited to find out on the 24th (Lord willing), right before we go back to Haiti!