Friday, October 30, 2009

growing like a lily...

Our little Lily sprout is growing and changing at an out-of-control speed. She is daily learning and trying new things, cracking us up frequently and constantly reminding us and teaching of us of unconditionally loving Father.

Tonight she got to stay up extra late and have a party with the "big kids". She LOVED it, watching them all run and play and laugh, crawling as fast as she could from room to room after them, and begging at each persons feet for some candy corn or carmel popcorn.

Brianna, the princess fairy (with goggles so no bugs would run into her eyes while flying) played ball with Lil quite patiently. The Bundy kids are all so especially good with Lily...not fussing at all when she pulls there hair, bites their noses or tackles them.
Lily just HAD to be right in the middle of everyone, and almost got stepped on several times...couldn't have been happier.
Aunt Lisa sent in her awesome bib :)
And Aunt Patty sent in her awesome candy corn. Which she quite likes. Not that I've let her have any :)
Showing off her own jack-o-lantern teeth :) two more on the way makes 8!

She was in a hilarious mood this day, hamming up all of her favorite faces and talking up a storm.

Always pullin' up on her tip-toes so she can be just a little bit taller.
Chasing golf balls (the more the better) across the tile is still one of her very favorite games. This golf ball she has conquered.
This afternoon she was SO tired when Daddy got home for lunch, but wouldn't let herself fall asleep. Daddy started dancing with her to their favorite song, and in 2 minutes she was out!
Lily has also JUST discovered that she can crawl through grass the same way she can crawl through homes. Though her knees and wrists are now covered with tiny scratches, she had SUCH a ball taking off all through the yard at full-speed until Daddy kept making her come back :)

Aunt Patty sent a care package the other day with a pepperoni...which Lily apparently loves. She worked on it like a beaver until Dad saved the poor thing!

The "inward bent" in the heart of us each toward ourselves has started to become apparent :) Lily absolutely loves pictures of herself, and frequently talks to her photos, kisses them, and takes little rests with herself...

Please continue to pray for Lily, as SO many of you do (THANK YOU), that she would grow in wisdom and stature and that we might be an example for her: not of a good mommy or daddy, but of Christ. She is precious!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

dust bunny, dog whisperer

Any dreams we head for our "little princess" have been shattered by Lily's extreme love of dirt, mud, bugs, dust bunnies, the toilet, etc. On the weekends we've been working down at the new seminary compound, and Lily blissfully goes from dirt pile to dust pile, shoving dirt in her mouth as quickly as possible before we catch her. She is never happier than when she has found a chunk of dried mud or dust. I can't even imagine how much dirt she ate yesterday alone...we are working on that healthy immune system!

"YUCK, Lily, YUCK!" we keep saying, washing her hands over and over. "Yug!" she always says, grinning.

Lily's new shoes are ADORABLE, and entertaining, because she spends the entire church service trying to take them off! We never make Lily wear shoes, but on Sunday mornings everyone was appalled that she was barefoot in church, so we've been putting shoes on her to make everyone happy and a band in her hair to keep everyone from asking, week after week, "Boy or Girl?"
"Doggie" is Lily's clearest and most consistent word...My sister taught it to her when she was here, and now every time she sees a dog, or a picture of one, she kicks and flails and squeals "Doggie! Doggie!" The new seminary compound has this huge resident dog, whom Lily just adores.

Lily's newest "trick" is pulling everything out of everywhere, solely for the purpose of pulling it out. Pulls all books off shelves, all toys out of her baskets, all clothes out of her drawers, not paying the slightest attention to any of it once it's hit the floor (except for her beloved cow, Daisy, whom she now like to carry around in her teeth while she crawls).

Friday, October 16, 2009


Lily is missing her daddy and looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby every day! AHHH

Sunday, October 11, 2009