Monday, March 28, 2011

eating "cane" (sugar cane) like everybody else

Lily's been a bit under the weather the last few days with a fever and feeling very emotional.  One of the children visiting us may have strep throat, so maybe that is it, but with no pediatrician, we are just keeping her fever in check with Tylenol and doing lots of snuggling and popsicles.

It did not keep us from joining the other families at the beach yesterday, which she still enjoyed some, or from enjoying good mom and dad time this weekend.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hey, KIDS!

Lily is adoring having the Easley kids here for 2 weeks.  From the moment she wakes to the moment she falls asleep, she is chattering non-stop about "the kids", asking constantly to play with them.  She learned "Lizzy" immediately, but Sarah, Ben and Jacob have had to bear being called "kid" so far.

"Kid, come do this!"
"Kid!  Chita la!" (sit here)
"Swing me, kid!"
"Come, kid, you will do it!"

YES, we are seeing more and more of Lily bossiness in this kid-full time :)  We're working on it, and now she's trying to remember to say, "Kid, you will do it!  Please?" steps :)  She is very unaware that she is the baby of the group :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

be careful little eyes

Every morning when Lily wakes up and comes down the hall, she sees the same thing...Matt sitting in his chair under his blanket, cup of coffee on the table next to him with his Bible open on his lap.

We never realized Lily even noticed this until tonight, when she was sitting in his chair, grabbed her Bible, got under the sheet and then said, "Poppy, get my coffee!"

It was too cute, and reminded us all over again how much she is growing, learning and being shaped JUST by what she sees and hears, even that which she cannot understand.

It's a little unnerving, knowing how much who we are each day, behind closed doors and in our personal "normal" life, not just in our ministry/work/public life, will shape who Lily is and who she will be!  Also is making us all the more aware of how important it is that the people in her life model Christ to her!

I'm 28 weeks today, and my weekly email tells me that now it is time to start seeing the doctor every two weeks instead of monthly :)  Got it!  FYI on our "plan" ends May 7th and graduation is May 8th.  I'm going to try to stick it out, and Lily and I plan to leave on May 9th, right after 36 weeks.  We'll be heading for Columbus, Ohio.  Matt plans to stay a few more days to close things down, then he'll be spending a bit of time speaking in Virginia and then in Texas up until the very end of May.

Hopefully, Sofie won't be early!  So far, so good...I feel good, if not a bit tired and a bit more uncomfortable, and Sof is kicking so much that today I could see my stomach shifting and bumping.

Grateful for these girls that He has entrusted us with!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Two quick things we want some advice on...

1) Thumb sucking.  Lil has been a thumb sucker since she first found her chubby finger at 5 weeks old, and while she doesn't seem to be "needing" it for security, etc. anymore, she still sucks it regularly when tired or watching a movie and while she's sleeping.  What worked for you?  When did you start breaking your child of this habit?  What finally did the trick?  Is this way too early to even be thinking about this?  Any ideas???

2) Baby wraps/carriers.  We had a baby carrier for Lily that was never very comfortable for us or for her, cut across her face, and was physically impossible to use without the help of three people :)  With Lily still being so young, walking being such a huge part of our daily life, and Sofie on the way, I'd love to get some kind of a baby carrier or wrap that someone can tell me that they LOVED.  Anyone know of a brand or type out there that you couldn't have done without, or that friends of yours loved?  Something washable, easy to use, comfortable?

Comment on this blog or send us an email if you have any help with either of these things...THANK YOU!

Monday, March 7, 2011

3rd Trimester!

(Yes, Lily is wearing a princess dress at 6:30 in the morning!)
This morning Lily and I were working on a new song: "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do."

The first few times through she just listened, and then her eyes flew wide open with understanding, she ripped my shirt up, patted my belly, and said, "SO BIG!"

Yep, me and God.  HUGE.  Good for your self esteem :)

princess Lily

In other news, Lily has officially surpassed her father in color recognition :)  She loves sorting her toys into the appropriate colors, and she's finally getting them right 90% of the time, and not just "pink"!

Friday, March 4, 2011

she might THINK she's a princess...

but this girl is as unladylike as she could be :)  She is constantly wiping her face and hands on her shirt (or my shirt), stomps in mud puddles in her princess dresses, chases bugs and frogs, laughs hilariously every time she "I too-ooted!", and will only eat food she doesn't like if we tell her it is worms, just to watch our horrified expressions.

Last night she had us both cracking up though, and Matt insists I share this though I thought it much too gross.

Last night after supper she yells, "Poo-Pee!" and runs for the potty.  I sit on the shower ledge while she goes and she loves these moments of uninterrupted chat time.  After a few moments, she claps her hands and says, "OK, Mommy!  I drop it!"

I laughed at this new expression, and said, "Ok, Let's go!"....but she's not done explaining yet.

"Mommy, I drop it in the water!"

"Good girl, ok!"

"Mommy, I drop it in the OCEAN!"

I laughed again..."OK! Let's go!"

Then she begins a 3 minute monolog/commercial for "Finding Nemo" (her new favorite movie) going something like this:

"I drop it in the ocean.  YAY, Poo-pee.  FISH.  LOTS of fish.  BIG fish.  Baby fish.  Mommy fish.  Fish with teeth.  SHARKS.  I drop it in the ocean SHARKS.  Swim swim.  Where's Nemo?  Nemo's Poppy find him! YAY! Turtle!  Poppy turtles, baby turtles.  Fin! Noggin!  DUDE!  Dude, I drop it in the ocean! Dory.  Dory sick, Dory happy now!  I happy now!  Mommy, let's go!"

I was rolling.  There is nothing I love more than listening to my little chatter box...hard to believe that in just a few months we will be starting ALL over again with "WAAAAAH."