Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i love

how blue Sofie and Lily's eyes are.
how much Sofie loves doing ANYTHING that Lily does.  Like sitting in the time out chair, and having her hair banded.
 how Sofie swings her arms when she walks
how anytime I say, "want a snack?" Sofie runs to the fridge.
 how Sofie loves to put on Lily's clothes, beams, and runs for the mirror to beam at herself some more.
 how Sofie kisses every large colorful character in every book every time.
 how Sofie is strangely and highly concerned when something is on the bottom of her foot, and will do nothing else until it's resolved.
how she's ALWAYS climbing into chairs
and then stands on them dangerously and GRINS like she conquered Mount Everest.
 how Sofie yells, NON-STOP, "EEEEEEEEEE" when looking at books, climbing, painting, or anything that causes her to focus.
how Lily loves to do crafts and loves to do ANYTHING you call a "project."
how much Lily LOVES to hear stories, especially stories of when we were kids.
how much Lily loves playing with Azi, Gideon and Biga, and especially anything that's called "Kid game", "Kid movie", "Kid snack"...etc.
how much the girls love Noel and Gertha.
 how EVERY SINGLE TIME the girls wear matching dresses, at LEAST one person (and usually more) asks if they are twins.
 how mesmerized Lily is with other kids and EVERYTHING they do.
 I love how when Lily gets shy, she grabs Sofie's hand...and how much Sofie LOVES it when Lily includes her.
 how Lily says a million random things a day, like, "Remember when we rode that boat with the huge fan to see the alligators?  That was fun."
Or last night at bedtime, when she said, "Mommy, I am SO excited to see Grandma in heaven."
 how ORNERY Sofie is!
how HILARIOUS these two girls are, who still clearly don't get the picture thing.
that these two are only 9 months apart, one in 9 month clothing and one in 3 T, and quite content to follow around the big kids :)  

Monday, August 6, 2012

if you give a mouse a tap shoe

She's gonna want her "leo-pard."
And if you wedge her sticky, sweaty little limbs into her leopard,
she's going to want her princess crown.
And if you give her her princess crown, well, 
her sister's going to want one.
Which is quite hilarious, because little sister mostly just likes
and eating.  Things with dirt.  
But better yet, lately, there's nothing little sister loves more than "kiss-kiss."
 And I will give a mouse a tap shoe
for a kiss-kiss ANYday.