Tuesday, June 28, 2011

While nothing has come back quite free and clear, none of the major possible issues with Sof are present, from her heart to her belly. I don't yet know what plans He has for this little one, but I can't wait to see...Once again, she has been in the face of some very grave possibilities and predictions, and once again, this time with my shaky hand upon HER belly and not my own, He has heard my voice and healed.

When Matt left me feeling very alone last night at the hospital, he set his Bible on the bedside table and said, "Don't feel alone! Read the Psalms."

With monitors beeping in the dark, cold room, that is just what I did, opening randomly into the Psalms to Psalm 30, appropriately titled Joy Comes in the Morning..

This is what got me, verse 2:
"O Lord my God,
I cried to you for help,
And You have healed me."

WHY does it say healed? It could have said "helped" or "heard" or anything else. It said HEALED for ME. I couldn't keep tears from falling again reading His perfect Words.

And He did, because we're heading home...to be discharged around 3 today.

Thank you for all your prayers! We'll keep you posted!

Monday, June 27, 2011

sofie update

After a very long day, Sofie seems to be doing well.  After no sleep at all last night, she's been mostly asleep all day, when not being pricked.  After not eating well for about 24 hours, she's finally eating better again, and I'm hoping and praying that tonight we'll both get some sleep.

Two night ago, after several hours of inconsolable screaming, she projectile vomited what seemed like a gallon of fluids...she just couldn't stop vomiting.  After losing all possible liquids, she seemed a bit better, but we talked to a pediatrician first thing in the morning (a wonderful man we met in Haiti and who has a practice in New Jersey), who gave us specific warning signs to be watching for.  She did well at church on Sunday, but seemed to be uncomfortable again throughout the afternoon and by late afternoon and evening was in agony again, screaming uncontrollably and unable to be calmed.  With no interest in eating, throughout the night she was writhing, gasping and choking, and nothing we tried or did seemed to help.

We called our friend again at 7 am, and he asked us to come in.  We drove over an hour to his practice, he checked things out and was concerned by her symptoms and the large list of things that could possibly be wrong...sent us to the ER for  some internal checks...ultrasound, xray, bloodwork.

These things took all day, and praise the Lord, while none of her tests seem to be coming back "100% clear", none of them have come back showing any major blockages, or intestinal or major bowel issues, all things they had been concerned about.  As awful as she has been feeling, she still has no fever, which has been a good sign.

They are keeping her overnight to monitor her due to the fact that the past two nights have been so rough, and then in the morning, she has a few heart tests to undergo.  If these look good, and if she looks good throughout the night, we should be good to go.

THANK YOU...Barb and Keith kept Lily ALL day, Pastor Doug spent most of the day with us and brought us a killer dinner, Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda brought toys and books for Lil and the encouragement of friends, and all of you for your prayers.

By today, after such busy days and such sleepless nights, I am just T-I-R-E-D.  I've had lots of quiet, tired and emotional time with the Lord today waiting for this test or that result, and man, at the end of one of the scariest days of my life, I just feel so grateful.  Isn't it wild, how time with Him can completely change our perspectives?

I'm so grateful He has given me these girls to love and raise and give Him to, even if JUST for today.  I'm so thankful that they are HIS, and not mine, and that HE is in control, not me.  Man, I'm not strong enough or good enough to be in control!  I'm so grateful that He has exquisitely orchestrated so many things in our lives that this morning at 7 am, we had someone, someone wonderful and talented and loving, to call and to help us.  I'm so grateful for Lily, who after a baffling day without mom or dad, came in the room, gave me a huge kiss, and randomly said, "I missed you today, little momma" and upon leaving, gave Sof a big kiss and said, "I love you, too, Sofie" as if Sofie had just told her that she loved her.

I'm so grateful that because of Him I have NOTHING to fear, that even in the panic and heartbreak of the day, that in the base stillness of my heart, I have had complete confidence that no matter WHAT happened, it would be OK, because He is Faithful.  Because He's not going anywhere.

Keep on praying for us, if you will, and we'll let you know how things go tomorrow...
Sofie is not doing as well as she has been! We are at the ER now for some bloodwork, ultra sounds and an xray. Hoping to figure out what's going on and wishing they didn't have to make infant hospital gowns. Thankful that Sof is daughter of a Good Father and the Great Physician...we'll keep you posted.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss Sofia loves the heat!  The moment we take her outside, she stretches out and falls asleep...

We've been really blessed to have lots of people come meet Sof...this weekend, my grandparents (dad's side) and Aunt Debbie came from PA to love on the girls!

 Lily played bumble bee, and every other game known to man, with "the people who came to see me".

Sofie's passport picture...After a long morning Friday at several different public offices, things are coming together!  We have her birth certificate, will have her SS number Monday, Lord willing, and then can get on to the passport Monday afternoon!

"I'm like grandpa!" Lily kept grinning today, stealing his glasses, putting them on upsidedown and wearing them all around.
Both our girlies are just too cute...I praise the Lord for these precious gifts and moments!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

baby sister

It has been so fun to have a new baby through Lily's eyes.

The other morning we were all four in bed together, and for the hundredth time, she sighed, "I love my little sister!"

"I'm the big sister," she continued, "and you're the Poppy Sister, and you're the Mommy Sister, and Sofie's the little sister."

Every time Sofie cries, Lily runs over, pats her face and says, "Shhhhh, shhhhh, it's ok!  It's not scary!"  or "It's not going to hurt!" if we're changing her diaper.

In the car Lily will report frequently on what Sofie is doing in the backseat with her, and is always adoringly saying, "Aw, she's so cute!"

"I'm Lily and I'm 2!" she has started saying upon meeting people.  "And Sofie is a baby."

Meanwhile, Sofie is changing already...gaining weight, starting to work on her little personality, waking up for more than 10 minutes at a time, and starting to be able to focus on things.  Life just keeps getting harder: now with TWO little ones growing up too fast in front of my eyes!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

too much!

Grandpa came home after a few days away this afternoon, and he and Lisa immediately prepared to go to a graduation party.  Lisa was signing the card and preparing a check for our friend to congratulate her.

"How much should I write the check for?" Lisa asked Dad.

Dad immediately threw out a number that to the rest of us, all teachers or teacher missionaries, sounded like a LOT of money, but none of us said anything.

Lily was sitting with all of us, eating cereal and not paying any attention.

Lisa started to write the check, but after a moment of silence, Lily turned around and loudly said, "TOO MUCH!"

It was SO funny...this girly is so fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

our little family!

These first few days with Sofie have been a blast!  She continues to be a huge sleeper, with lots of Lily love, time with Aunt Lisa and Grandpa, and is as content of a baby that I've ever seen!  How do you love a sweet little thing this much!?!

 Dad got this pool for Lily, which calls itself a "Family Fun Center...today at 95 degrees, everybody tried it out...I was laughing so hard!

Monday, June 6, 2011

sofia lovely ayars

Just as Philosophy means "love of wisdom", Sofia means wisdom.  I took Lily from the Hebrew word for Susan, after my mother, and then Matt chose Sofia from the Greek.

She must already know that this is the meaning of her name, because thus far, Sof spends the large majority of her time sleeping and pondering the complicated things in life.  

We searched and searched for a good Haitian middle name for Sofie, always coming down to a word we really loved in Creole but that just didn't sound quite right in English.  

However, Lovely  is not only a rather common Haitian name (several little girls in Saccanville carry it), but more personally it is the name of a little girl in Port-au-Prince that really touched our hearts years ago.  As we were praying about and searching for what His call was on our lives, little Lovely and bringing Jesus to her people contributed to where we are today. 

Plus, you have to admit that she IS Lovely.   

This also means that we have a LSA and a SLA :)

The ONLY time Sofie seems to get upset is when she is cold, and for about 10 seconds max.  She will be very glad to learn that we live in a warm climate 365 days a year...What a gift! 

I love how wrinkly new babies are!

Once again, it's crazy to us how much you can love someone you just met, and that all that love we have for Lily can be had AGAIN for another.  Just wild. 

If nothing else, we are constantly reminded what a gift these girls are!  As with all of His gifts...GOOD, unmerited, undeserved, unimagined and still, thankfully, His!

 and just in case you were thinking like we were that Sofie looks TOTALLY different than Lily...here was Lily at 1 week...  Guess not :)

Sofie's going to join Lily's blog now!