Wednesday, April 29, 2009

growing, growing...

On a different computer through a different browser we're finally able to get back on the blogs! Lily is FANTASTIC. So content, so happy, so low maintenance...we're blessed by her joy every day. She is growing longer and longer, and has graduated to size 2 diapers. She wants to sit up ALL the time, but can't do it without help, so wants held sitting up all the time. She watches EVERYTHING, smiles every time you come in the room, and loves when Matt sings ANYTHING to her.

Everything she can grab goes in her mouth, and she's laughing and giggling, which is THE best. She loves to talk, and will do so without ceasing at random times...just chatter, squeal, and make totally conversational faces the whole time.

She's not rolling over side-to-side yet, but is scooting EVERYWHERE. The moment you put her down at one end of the couch, she'll scoot as fast as she can to the other side. We can't lay her down on chairs anymore, because she'll scoot right off in two pushes. Even as it's starting to heat up, she is happy, though covered in heat rash :( What a joy Lily is!

As a side note, has anyone out there tried those new baby chair things? I think they're called "bumbo"s. Lily wants to sit up so badly, so I think she would like it, but they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive (I wouldn't pay $40 for a chair for US :) babies like them? Do they work (as in, hold the baby up well...feel safe?) Good investment?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 3 Months!

How CAN it be? Sigh...What a joyful three months it has been, and my heavens, how it's flown. At 25 inches and 14 pounds, she is now 95 percentile for weight and 97th for height and HAS to be in the 100th percentile for happiness. Anyone with a smile can bust a grin from this girl!

For her birthday, she read "Peekaboo Kisses" for the thousandth time, enjoyed Daddy being back home, and mom even let her sit in her "easy chair" without her clothes on whenever it got really hot this afternoon. She is grabbing things, pulling EVERYTHING to her mouth, and wants to sit up and look around all the time. She's strong enough now to keep her head and neck steady if you hold around the waist, and every time we lay her down she fights to get up again :)

What a blessing she is!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy girl!

We're both very ready for Dad to come home...hopefully around 3 or 4!