Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's true that living in Haiti has it's hard parts.  The kids miss their grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Can't go to the zoo.  Or the playground.  Or the library.  

But they have snakes.  And tractors.  And goats.  And sunshine...and that was just today!

Best, they have each other, and it is wonderful to have such great neighbors for our kids!

Monday, January 28, 2013

This is Sofie's hat.  It might look like princess panties to you, but she loves "HAAAAT."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

special medicine

At least as many times as the girls are getting in tiffs over things, they are enjoying and loving each other.  There is just nothing that makes me happier than seeing my girls love on each other!

Yesterday was a great example...
This is Lily painting in her "special goggles that help me paint better"
And Sofie, mostly just painting herself.

While their father and Mark were trying to fix Mark's truck (at night, with a flashlight app on Mark's iphone to guide them and a cement block and stack of wood scraps holding the truck up), Lily and Sofie and I were playing nearby on a raised platform.  Lily and Sofie were walking back and forth, pretending the grass was "hot fire", when Lily stumbled and fell.

Immediately, Sofie stepped off her side and came running to Lily, yelling, "AH-GO! AH-GO!" which means "Oops! or Oh, No!" in Creole.  With all her might she tried and tried to pick Lily up, patting her face and yelling "Ah-go!".  It was SUPER cute.

An hour later I was bathing the girls while Lily told me this story from the morning.

"So, then Sofie hurt her thumb, and she was so sad!  SO, I took care of her, and wrapped it up, and gave her special medicine that made her happy!"

Me, worried:  "OH, Lily!  You should never give anyone medicine!  What did you give her???!"

Lily:  "Mom.  MOM.  It's ok, it's ok.  I gave her a bunch of Nerds in her hand, and that made her so happy then."

Me:  "Oh.  Nerds.  Ok, well, that was very nice of you."

Lily:  "Yeah, it was.  I had some too.  But then, I gave Sofie the container, and she spilled them all over the bed and all over the floor.  Gertha wasn't very happy!"