Wednesday, August 26, 2009

gettin' around

Lily is EVERYWHERE...she does NOT want to sit, and does NOT want to stay in one place, and doesn't even really want to crawl! She keeps trying to stand instead...

Daddy and baby girl, watching a movie...I could not believe how BIG she looked laying there next to Daddy with her knees up, watching her video!
Miss Lily discovered her Oh-So-Exciting Bumbo box yesterday and enjoyed playing on it, next to it, in it and around it :) She's teething again, working on those top teeth!
This is the "Crazy Lily" face Lily makes every time she dances with her Dad...their favorite thing to do!
Aunt Lisa sent Lily this "12 month" top before she was born. Finally thought today that it would fit, and put it on her only to discover that it won't fit much longer. She wants to stand up at all times...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Miss Lily enjoyed having Bex here so much and Bex quite patiently roomed with a 7 month old :) We went swimming one morning, still Lily's favorite thing!

Bex also brought her a new "touch" book, and she is loving it!

Yes, mommy is a big push-over...Lily LOVES twizzlers!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

our little adventurer

Because Aunt Bex is visiting, Lily has gotten to do all sorts of fun things this weekend....swim, eat sand, climb mountains, ford streams, eat candy :)

a happy hiker!

This picture is for Aunt Lisa and Aunt Patty...the sugar gene lives on!

Playin' in the sand with Aunt Bex!

Post-eating of the sand.
and Lily's newest trick! She has learned to wave! When ANYONE waves hello or good-bye to her, she waves back...also waves at chickens, goats, trees, most everything. In church today whenever everyone was waving their hands to the worship music, Lily was right there with them..."Beni-soi-l'eternel!"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

our bug-bitten beauty bird!

After 10 or so bonks to the head on the jagged, uneven tile floor, Dad found some foam puzzle mats in an old building and cleaned them up for her! She's easily pulling herself from sitting into a crawl, but once in the crawl position, just bobs up and down, willing any nearby object to come to her...Then she reaches for it, ending up on her belly again! She's close...oh my!
Aunt Lee send Lily this too cute dress...We love our polka dots! Lily is as bug bitten as can be, with new spots every day, despite a serious mosquito net! She is just too sweet...but doesn't seem bothered by them at all, though mom and dad always feel badly for her :)
Lily didn't think it was fair that Azzi got chocolate cake...
Children and chickens are two of Lily's very favorite things, and she loves Azzi and Gideon, who are both gentle and interested. She'd watch them all day long.

GIMME the camera!
See her tooth? Number two has come in right beside it, and she's working on a back side tooth.
Lily and Daddy are watching Veggie Tales together. I was determined she wouldn't watch any TV, but she just can't resist a few minutes on Saturday mornings with Dad.
Our little bird characteristically LOVES bread crumbs that she can feed herself, avocado and carrots. Not so in love with fruit, even the good stuff! She makes a yucky face for bananas, mangos and papaya...oh well!

Not a day goes by that Matt and I don't look at Lily, and then at each other and say some version of : "How could it be any better than this? I LOVE HER!"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

crawlin', cards & the beach!

Miss Lily is keeping us on our toes! She is moving, twisting, reaching, grabbing, and beginning to crawl, not staying put for two seconds. When you pull her shirt over her head, she pulls it back off. When you sit her down, she wants to stand. When you eat, she wants it, and when you drink, Lily grabs at your cup and yanks it to her mouth. She talks to everyone, smiles at everyone, and while she babbles all day, has developed a very clear "Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma!" whenever she really wants me, whether someone else has her or if she's in her crib or the other room.

My dad received a singing Hallmark card for his birthday in June, and Lily absolutely loved it (so much, in fact, that she devoured most of it and finally the noise box stopped working after being played 1000 times.) Well, yesterday in the mail, Lily got a brand new version of the exact same card from Grandpa and Aunt Lee, and she is SO thrilled...clapping, dancing, and again, chewing it up.

Then today, all the OMS Haiti missionaries went to the beach together (all five of us :) and had an awesome day. Lily LOVED it! LOVED the water, the waves, the sand, the kids, the breeze, swimming, drinking all the salt water she could get to... Tomorrow she will be seven months, and looked like such a big girl today...ah, my heart!