Monday, April 25, 2011


Our little Easter bunny loved it...she loved "Easter Dress", "Easter Church", "Easter Eggs", "Easter candy" "Easter Cat" and pretty soon, everything was Easter. (including "Easter Pee-Pee"...this girl is developing an obsession for all things gross and Poppy-like). 

 Dying eggs (and now unshelling them) was her favorite, though searching for eggs in the morning was very thrilling too :)

 We made homemade peanut butter cup eggs...which she won't (ok, none of us will) stay out of...
The Sharptown team left tons of clothes and shoes to give away...turning our porch into Lily's dress-up closet...

Friday, April 15, 2011

toddler prayers and spunk

This girl is just hilarious!  The more she learns to say, the more fun she is :)

Last night we were praying before dinner, and frequently she jumps in with a few of her own praises.  This time, she gave a few: "Mesi pou Micheline.  Mesi pou Lizzie.  Mesi pou Josephine", then adds, "Mesi pou princesses.  And Mesi for Lizzie's panties!"

When Elizabeth Easley left a few weeks ago, she left behind a few pairs of underwear that were too small. Lily has been thrilled with the gift, but I know it was the first time I've every prayed for underwear.

She's also into this new "I don't love you" game.

"Do you love Mommy?" I'll ask her, and she'll get this mischievous look on her face, and say with a grin, "NO, don't love Mommy!" then she starts running...I chase her around the house and tickle her to death, giving her lots of chances to change her mind.  But she NEVER does...she'll always catch her breath, say, "NOT!" and start running again.

So last night at bedtime, we had read books and sang our songs, and she was being super cuddly.  I took advantage of the moment and said, "Lily, do you love Mommy?"  Sleepily, she said, "Mmmm-hmmm."  I grinned and kissed her, and got up to leave.

"Mommy?" she called me back, and as soon as I made out her little grin I knew what was coming.  She pulled my ear down to her mouth, and whispered, "Not!"

Ornery, ornery, ornery.  These have to be some of the sweetest days in life...precious moments with our children, just working to make sure that they know they are loved, His, unique and valued.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

rain drops and books for beds

Lily had us cracking up twice today...

This morning when I got home from work, she was trying with all her might to get Micheline to understand her.  "RAIN DROPS!" she kept saying.  "Please?  PLEASE!"

"What does she want?" Micheline asked me, but I had no idea.

"MOM!" Lily said, exasperated.  "Rain drops.  Over there.  I show you.  Just one!  Please!"

She leads me over to the table, where a small bag of spice gum drops was.  "Rain drops!"  It was so cute :)

Then this evening, she saw Matt in his chair, where he was reading "The Big Hungry Bear" out loud, waiting for her to join him.  We always read this book on our bed at nap time, but somehow it found it's way out to the living room.

As soon as Lily realized what he was doing, she was mortified.

"Poppy, NO!!  NO Poppy!  Give it to me!  That is the book for beds!"  Her tone was so mortified.  "THAT book is NOT for chairs!!!  It is a book for beds!"

She snatched it from him and ran it back to the bedroom, still grouchy at her daddy when she came back.    "NOT for chairs, Poppy!"

This little PERSON living with us is just beyond precious...and beyond bossy!

She also saw Mary Poppins for the first time on Saturday, and OH favorite.  She calls it the "ice pop" movie, I think only because she knows "ice pop" and doesn't know "Mary Poppins", and ever since then she bounces around the house singing "chim-chim-er-roo!"  Way cute :)

Meanwhile, thank you Aunt Lori for the box that came today!  She is LOVING the recorder (which we have quite happily found to NOT to piercingly loud :) and the little tootsie roll bank for all her "monies" and "nickles".  And THANK you Grammy for her new movie and little sparkle purse, and Aunt Patty for all of our yummy kid snacks!  We had a great mail day today :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

10 weeks left & 10 things I hate about being pregnant

I have been saving this special blog to commemorate being 30 weeks pregnant.  Sofie, someday when you are reading this, know that this is not personal.  I LOVE having you in my life.  I just don't like having you in my stomach!  This is why...

1) I constantly have a food, flour, or water line on my shirt because my belly will not stay out of the dishwater, dinner plate or mixing bowl

2) Walking around with a sore back and with a waddle makes me feel OLD.

3) I am SO tired of being called "Big Person" or "Big Belly" all the time.

4) The students won't stop throwing themselves flat on the opposite wall of the hallway when I pass and laugh hysterically at the idea that I am too big to walk around.

5) When I'm in the States, I always get disapproving glares from people when they see that I am pregnant, despite the ring on my finger or the husband beside me.  (at least I think I do.  Matt says I'm too self-conscious)

6) I am 10 degrees hotter than everyone else all the time.  Hunnie, if we lived in Russia, I would love this.  But it is already 100're killing me.

7) Picking things, or your sister, up off the floor should NOT be this difficult, awkward or funny looking.

8) There is a reason we wear shirts over our belly buttons.   It is so no one has to SEE our belly buttons.  Stop pushing mine out!

9)  I HATE being asked by the pastor during the introduction of visitors on Sundays to please stand up and turn around so that everyone can get a better view of "how big you are."

10)  You are making traveling on these roads PAINFUL.  I hurt for days after an hour in the car with you, and you probably do, too.   We are both going to love your car-seat so much more than our current arrangement!

and I can't see my feet.  and you kick me awake at night.  and I have almost no lap left for Lily.  and I have to pee all the time.  Ok, so maybe I have more than 10 reasons!

Hard to believe that April is here and that life will be so drastically changing at the end of May!