Tuesday, July 17, 2012

no more monkeys

The girls had a blast of a time in the Poconos this weekend, especially with their second cousins.

Sofie got this adorable little bracelet from her godparents, Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda, and she ADORES it...like won't let anyone touch it.

if this isn't ornery, I don't know what is.

Lily's favorite part, however, was jumping off the beds with Jeffery and Logan.

Lil' Logan has been fighting off cancer (with way more than this pillow) most of his young life, and it was SO great to watch these three jumping and playing with all their mights.  God's given them each this day, and I'm so thankful.

Lily was laughing SO hard she could hardly stand it!

Precious little ones!  There's nothing quite like family, and I loved seein' these three rubbin' toes and chattering it up.
We must of been the same way :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

the Point

We just got back from a FANT-ABULOUS trip to Cedar Point, home of several of the world's number one roller coasters, and home of Snoopy Planet--which was just as big of a hit with our crew--and home of Soak City (a water park). It's also on Lake Erie, which provided lots of fun in the "ocean".
This is Sofie's best roller-coaster-riding imitation.  We did a full day at Cedar Point ridin' and a full day at Soak City slidin'.  

Lisa, Adam and Matt rode every big ride the park had to offer, including one 17 second thriller that shot them 21 stories high and back again from 0-120 in under 4 seconds.   They also rode the number one steel roller coaster in the world, the tallest/longest/fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, and a bunch of other record breakers.
 Dad and I rode Snoopy planes, Snoopy racers, Snoopy boats and Snoopy trains.  I even put my hands up.

Lily took her riding VERY seriously.  Would not wave, smile, or talk to us...because she was driving.  No texting, either!

This was the biggest ride Lily rode of the day.  It was a BIT intense for her, but she came off grinning..."I don't want to ride that again, ok!"

 doing the Limbo with the kids and Snoopy Crew...
And showing me how she goes "under".

A few moments after being in the lake, Lily licked her hand, and announced excitedly!  "This isn't salty!  I can drink all I want!"
Then we stopped at Der Dutchman on our way home, a restaurant my family has been in love with for years, and celebrated the 4th of July thankful for America, for a wonderful mini-vacay, for such good time together, and for the freedom we have in Him. 
Tomorrow is a new day, the van is un-packed and re-packed, and we head for the east coast.  We've got friends and family to see, more memories to make, lots of places to preach the Gospel and lots of need for it ahead!