Friday, February 18, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It took
 46 pictures
 and Jacob and Josephine
 to get Lily
AND holding
the sign so 
 you could read it:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

valentine heartbreak

Matt's Valentine's gift from Lily and I came on Wednesday afternoon while Matt was at work.  Lily and I opened it, she gushed over it, we wrapped it, and then joyfully hid it in a kitchen cabinet.  She had such a good time with the whole thing, telling me "Shhhh!  Surprise for Poppy!" over and over.

However, a few hours later when he walked in the door, she attacked him.  "Poppy!  Present for you!  Come! I show you!" and led him to the cabinet.  "SHHHH!" she told him, "It's coffee for you! Surprise!  LOOK!!!"

(it's actually a coffee MUG, but hey, he got the picture)

So I said, "Oh no, Lily!  That's for Valentin'es day!  Not until Monday...later...pita!

Man, did Mommy break her heart.  She looked stricken, and then started just BAWLING, wailing into Daddy's shirt with huge tears, unconsolable.  She was SO excited to have something special for was heartbreaking!  Hopefully Monday, when we do it all over again, she'll forgive me.  This girl loves her Poppy :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

bikes and Bibles

Yay for some internet!

This is Daddy's version of "can you play with Lily outside for a few minutes while I finish dinner?" entertainment...which was NOT a pre-approved activity!  Mom had to stop watching before she hyperventilated.  

 Lily is a constant and happy model for Josephine to dress up at will.  This is their version of "flower princess."
Lily has also become a bit obsessed with Daddy's "baby Bible", which she has insisted is hers and takes it with her most places.  It is filled with "ABC's" as she says, and she loves to look up different pages and sing them, as we do with the Haitian song book that everyone carries to church and prayer meetings.  

I caught her the other day in my chair, "reading" and singing to Shay.  Her favorite new little song was Gertha taught and all in Haitian Creole: 

Li la Bib ou, priye chak jou     Read your Bible and pray each day
priye chak jou   pray each day
priye chak jou   pray each day
Li la Bib ou, priye chak jou    Read your Bible and pray each day
E ou va grandi    and you will grow.

E ou va grandi, E ou va grandi
Li la Bib ou, priey chak jou
E ou va grandi

I am always overjoyed and just amazed to hear Lil singing this song to herself as she "works" about the house, and when she's "reading" her "baby Bible", she'll tell me: "li la bib ou, Mommy."

...which then led to her laying with Shay...

and then just rolling in the grass happily "like a doggie."
sure do love this bundle of joy