Wednesday, June 23, 2010

red monster dreams

For Lily, life doesn't get much better...falling asleep to mElmo, with mElmo.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

girl's best friend

our little is HOT lately, and Lily is in her hippo pool all throughout the day.

This girl is just NUTS about her dog...

and NOT nuts when Shay leaves her...

and is ALWAYS trying to boss her around. "Shay, COME!"


Whackin' Shay with her baseball bat
favorite time with Daddy, "color" ing

and chillin' with the guys at the days end

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Uncle Don's Haitian Creation...

Uncle Don spent the day building Lily a playground out of old PVC pipe, canvas bags and tarp. It looks FANTASTIC, and she LOVES her new little house...

her first look...

peeking out on her kingdom...

checkin' out Don's handiwork...
...having some trouble understanding the concept of a ladder...

What a blessing for Lily and I both...instead of always saying, "Lily, don't climb that!" I can now say, "Lily, go climb your house!" Ah, we praise the Lord for Uncle Don!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


She will most definitely be unhappy I posted these in a few years, but Lily's new obsession with "ocks" is just too darn cute. This poor child has lived in a tropical climate so much of her life that she doesn't even own a pair of socks, much less wear them. So when she finds Daddy's "ocks", she puts them on, hikes them up, and runs wild...especially after performing her newest trick: diaper removal.

Uncle Don has quickly become a favorite in Lily's life...she helps him paint...he helps her color.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

not your average princess

This girl is one SERIOUS dirt magnet. If she's not drugding through puddles, she's sticking her fingers up Shay's nose. If she's not rubbing oatmeal into her belly button, she's chewing on crunchy bugs. When it's time for bath (which often happens several times a day) there is mud under her nails, between her toes, and creased into her neck.

She also denies that it is EVER her fault :)

BUT, she sleeps good, she eats good, and she brings us SO MUCH JOY. She is talking up a storm, learning new words constantly, and understanding and speaking an equal amount of Creole and English. "Pita!" she waves when we leave someone, meaning "(see you) later!" and is learning lots of names, now adding "Gertha", "Abel" and "Micheline" to her vocabulary.
Every evening, after bath and story time, she climbs off my lap, walks over to her crib, and says, "UP"...and in the morning, we hear her calling, "OUT! OUT!" We've been working hard on "please"...

Despite all her love of dirt and "guckie" things, she is still our princess, adoring herself in my apron, and loves wearing mom's shoes and chapstick.

But the best? "Kiss". She puckers up her lips and gives good kisses, complete with a big "smack".