Monday, September 9, 2013


The girls had a BLAST with a few of their buddies today...which means I got an hour to sit and relationship with all mamas--win win.
 there are no shoes.  in the world.  that Sofie does not want.
Lily, Nata and Katia making soup.  And, once Sofie dumped out their water, a salad :)
Jefte is just a few months older than Sofie and turning into such a BOY!
This is the kid's "swing", which they were all better at than Sofie, who I was worried was going to hang herself :)
They were all having SO MUCH fun.

Halfway through, Lily yells, "MOM!  Sofie's speaking Creole!"  I came over to see what she was talking about, because she uses lots of Creole words with Noel and Gertha, but I've never heard her speaking phrases.  And she WAS.

"Geyen banan?" she asked Nata, directing the soup making.  "Do we have plantain?"

"Geyen zonion?  Cawot?  Mesi!"

SO GREAT.  When you're with Creole speaking friends, you speak Creole.
There's nothing better than watching your children loving and being loved by other children, all aware of what they are doing together and oblivious to all the differences that never mattered to Him.

Then, to watch them all while chatting and laughing and encouraging and testimonying with friends?

A great afternoon.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Yesterday when Lily woke up for her nap, Noel was sound asleep on the couch (our trip to Baron the day before almost killed her :).  Lily snuggled up on the other end and before long was fast asleep again...too cute.  Both girls sure do love No-No, and No-No sure does love them!

Gotta love this girl.  She is so full of life that she makes even the monotonous things of everyday fun :)