Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day last year...

and today...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

silly lily

Watching "M-Elmo" with her new Melmo (thank you, Auntie Mia and Elise!)

Talking up a storm in yet another outfit that I thought would NEVER fit her and is now perfect :) Thank you, Doug and Julie! I LOVE THIS DRESS!
Yeah, yeah, Martin. I know she can't read. But if she COULD, it would look like this :) I DID NOT set this up, I promise! She went and got her "The Bear Snores On" book (thank you, Patty), got up in her carseat, and was "reading"!!!
Nothing this piggy likes more than pasta with tomato AND fun :)

Sharon brought Lily a hippo pool, and the sun was so hot the other day that she finally got to try it out...AND LOVED IT. The spray part just rocked her world :)

taking a small pause with "BABY" and "M-ELMO".

Today I asked her, "Lily, where is baby?" and she promptly toddled all through the house calling "Baby? Baby?" until she found the thing and brought it to me...First time, that I know of, that she really understood and and did something based on my request. SO CUTE!
She can now get on and off her lion "motorcycle" with ease, and is always showing it off, but does NOT like it if anyone else does :)

When Joyce gave us this outfit at Lily's birth, I thought, "Yeah, this is NEVER going to fit her...maybe when she's four or five." OH MY.
We never could have known what a precious precious gift God would give us in Lily.