Tuesday, August 30, 2011

our homeschool has a principal.

Yesterday, Lily and I started homeschooling.  Just for an hour in the afternoon, but enough to be hilarious.

Lily, oh man.

We start with a prayer and devotional, but she wants to pray, and does, for everyone we know, for the butterflies, for the "bugs I squished and they're DEAD", for "bathtime, bedtime, watch a little movie, eat popcorn", for everything.

We begin, and we begin by looking at some pictures of different kinds of animals and talking about what they are doing, what colors we see, what they are called, what their babies are called, etc.

"NO, no, Mommy," she tells me quickly.  "Not like that.  Here, you sit down here, and I will sit there in your chair and I will tell you."

I finally convince her that I will be teaching, and we start again, only to have interrupt again and say, "Mommy, I want to LERRRRRN.  Learn.  OK?"

"OK, Lily.  Let's talk about our ABC's."

"No, no, Mommy.  I want to LERRRRRN about Jesus, OK?"

"OK.  Let's learn about Jesus AND the letter A."

"HMMM.  ok.  I'm going to pray again.  Sit down."

I was trying so hard to both be in control and not to laugh the whole time.

I was the teacher.  Lily was the principal.  Poor Sofia was the only student.  We'll see how today goes...

Meanwhile, Lily is LOVING praying lately.  She wants to pray before all meals and bed, and kept Micheline, Gertha and I waiting over our rice for at least five different prayers this afternoon.  She always prays for Mommy and Poppy and Sofia and Lucner (for whatever reason...she never sees him!), and then adds in anyone else she is thinking of at the time, then tells God about her day, about her favorite book, thanks Him for food in general, and when she is finished, adds an adamant AMEN, frequently followed a moment later by, "No wait, I'm not finished," and she'll start all over again.

I love it.  I love hearing Lily talk to God almost as much as God does, I think.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Quotes of the week:

during a huge thunder/lighting/rain storm...

me:  "Look at all the rain!  Don't be scared!  Who made the rain, Lily?"
Lily: "Not Uncle Don!  Uncle Don makes stuff, but God made this rain!"

after making up and telling her an elaborate story about an alligator getting his toenails cut so that she'd let me cut hers...

"Aunt Lisa is going to buy me that book and bring it to me at Christmas!  I AM SO EXCITED!  SOON!"

The ONLY thing Lily will call Director Bryan: Lizzie's Poppy.

After seeing me on the scale, and getting on the scale herself.

"LOOK, Mom!  I am getting SO bigger.  Are you sad?

 lovin' her "Uncle Don House."

 30 minutes prior to Lily flopping over and sending Sof into wails...
As my dad likes to say, if Sofie's not sleeping or laughing, she's screaming :)

I know she won't appreciate this later, but man alive, what is more delectable than chubby baby butt?

Friday, August 19, 2011

SO happy to be eating Haitian food again...
...and Shay might always be her best bud.
I've been saving the last of three pools Sharon brought for her, and we busted it out today...she was SO happy!

While folding laundry with me this afternoon...

"Whoa, mom!  Look at Uncle Don's panties!  They are so smaller than Poppy's panties!"

Monday, August 15, 2011


After watching Mary Poppins last week, Lily is still enamored.

When I walked in the door today, she was crawling around on the floor with Micheline, singing at the top of her lungs: "A spoon!  A spoon it helps the sugar go down!  A spoon helps the sugar go DOWN!"

This girl doesn't need ANYTHING to help the sugar go down :)  She starts asking for candy by 6 am.

Then the other day, she started giggling to me about her "piggie hairs."  I could NOT figure out what she was talking about until she started playing with her hair, and I realized she meant "pig tails."

She's been having, as always, a blast with Uncle Don...tonight with big bubbles...

Friday, August 12, 2011

church and friends

 Lily nabbed Shayla's hat yesterday, pulled it onto her head, asks me if I have any money, and then announces loudly, "I'm going to CHURCH!"...I love that she is picking up, on her own, cultural traditions, like covering your head in church.

She might be exhausted now, but Lily just had a fantastic day playing with the Vilmer four.

In an effort to help her play with kids without being at the mercy of the entire community, we've been having lots of families over that have kids.  

(Last week when we were in the community, a group of kids--and adults, actually---started playing "who is brave enough to run up and touch the foreign kid and run away screaming", turns out not really a fun game for Lily.  We are finding that people were a little more used to ti-blancs in Vaudreil than here in Saccanville!)

 Baby Evangela, born on my birthday and such a happy little thing

SO, having Hans, Gashley, Gaurdy and Evangela to the house for the day was a BLAST for all five...bubbles, toys and a lot of squealing.  She'd come to me, say, "Mom, I'm gonna go run with the kids" and then be off again.  She was also thrilled to have some kids to eat at her new "kid table", purchased for homeschooling preschool that we'll start next week, Lord willing.  

Also gave me some great time to visit with and pray with Vilmer's wife, Sarah, and gave our families the rare chance to eat together and talk.  Very thankful for these good friends and for a very happy day for Lil!

Monday, August 8, 2011

morning coffee and uncle adam

I came out from the bedroom this morning to find Lily, dressed like this, sitting on the kitchen counter, downing REALLY old ginger snaps after dipping them in "her" coffee.  This girl (and her daddy) is a riot.  

Later, we're playing with her magnetic dress up dolls.  This is what she tells me:

"This one is Lily.  I like her dress."

 "This one is Aunt Lisa.  See, she has brown hair."

 "This one is Uncle Adam.  His hairbands are matching."
wow.  sorry Adam.  I was dying :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things!

 Sofie: laying on the couch under the fan, staring at my toy and kicking like crazy
 Lily: being a princess, changing into different princess dresses, and dancing all around the house dressed like a princess.  "Poppy is the king.  And the doctor" she told me yesterday while dancing with Daddy.
 Lily: taking care (over-care) of Shay, Chako (keeps changing the poor dogs name) and the cat.
 Lily: Dressing up in certain clothes, like this whale outfit, which she has dubbed her "Jonah clothes."
 Sofie: Much like her sister...being naked!  The second you unhook her diaper, she grins and starts kicking.
 Lily: Did we mention dressing up?
 Sofie: When anyone baby talks her in any way
 Lily: playing with KIDS!  Especially in her "house".