Thursday, March 25, 2010

sassy bird:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is Lily's newest word, and it is SO darn cute.

How do you feel, Lil?


Do cookies make you happy?


What about me? How do I make you feel?


She loves to draw...on everything. Especially you. and important papers. And only with pen, because she eats all the crayons.

She loves music and dancing, and bounce-dances up-and-down every time she hears any kind of music, or beat, or cell phone ring.

Lily loves animals, all of them, and knows half of them by their sound and the other half in Creole. Chicken is "poul", sheep is "ba-ba", cow is "mooo", horse is "neigh", cat is "chat" and dog is "Shay" (the name of her doggie.)

She loves her daddy, but has stopped calling him daddy, and is now calling him the much-more-Haitian, "Poppy". Anything he does, she thinks is hilarious. He always gets her riled up at bedtime, and she always knows who to go to when she wants anything.

She's starting to put words together, and you can see her mind whirling as she talks..."Don't know?" she says with her shoulders shrugged, or "What's that!" about anything new... She also said "grampa" for the first time when Greg was here, and "please, Big Bird, Gerta, Bible, Apple and Go" have also entered her vocabulary...SUCH A fun age!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010


(as she is known here)

Ah, I have been so negligent of this blog. I can just hear Lisa saying, "I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!!" Here's a few from the last week. Josephine moved in next door this week, and it is ALL I can do to keep Lily in our house and out of hers! "Zozezine" Lily calls her, and is enraptured by any and everything she does!

Lily's 9th and 10th teeth have come in, she is talking up a storm, (Yuckie, Shoes, Keys, Gateau, Poul, all animal noises, Haiti, cup, hat, head, nose, thank you), and continues to just be a joy, joy, joy! So many times, she is in a situation that is set up for trouble (ie, 5 hours at the airport, 3 hour church services, 3 hour hikes) and she also astounds us with how well she does.

She is LOVING getting spoiled by Grandpa G and Grandma C (Greg and Cathie) and is soon to be spoiled by Aunts Mia and Elise! These are good days :)

More soon, but didn't want to put off pix any longer!