Thursday, September 23, 2010

KFC, boots, baths and books

Aunt Lisa is clamoring for some new Lily photos, and these we just took today! On hot days like this one, Lily loves getting her morning bath outside, which frequently includes washing rocks, splashing Mommy and rocking her toy hippo to sleep.

Following her bath, some friends brought us lunch, so I handed Lily her beloved chicken leg. In two seconds, she had run inside with her chicken leg, and I found her sitting in this basket, saying "bwak, bwak" (her chicken noise) and chowing down. Assuming this is Lily's version of KFC's bucket of chicken.
This morning while mommy read her Bible, poppy and Lily had some good story time (contrary to what the all these pictures show, Lily DOES wear clothes. Sometimes.

Playing with Joe and the hamper....
who later contributed to her shoe fettish

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WHAT could be more fun...

Than a box full of packing peanuts and a pair of Mommy's underwear???

NEVER thought a picture of my underwear would be online, but this is just too cute. Lily helped me take in all the clean laundry yesterday, and then proceeded to try on Mommy's clothes, finally settling on a pair of underwear, which she was sure was some kind of very-special-leotard. SHE WOULD NOT TAKE IT OFF, and wore it the rest of the afternoon, dancing in circles, admiring herself in the mirror, and posing while I took her picture. (she may very well be quite angry about this post later :)

A shipment of laptops for the Seminary has given Lily a weeks worth of entertainment, as she, kitty and Elmo take turns playing in the "snow."

Lil has also learned how to con visitors into pulling her around on her "moto" (Creole for motorcycle) .

Lily is talking more and more everyday, and it brings me such joy to start hearing her talk about Jesus and see her expect Him to be a steady part of her day. As soon as we sit down at the table she grabs your hand and stares at her lap until you pray, and joins in a hearty "Amen!" Each time she suffers a boo-boo, she immediately pulls your hand over the wound and says, "Jesus?" so that we can pray, "Jesus, please heal this boo-boo, Amen!"

After her stories in the evening, she says again, "pray?" and we thank the Lord for her friends and family, kitty and doggie, and ask for His presence in her life. She rarely makes a sound during these prayers, and seems to understand that something special is happening each time we call out to the Lord...It's such an exciting thing to see...We have known her to be His for a long time now, but she is starting to know she is His, too.

Hopefully, her underwear dances and packing peanuts bring Him joy, as well!