Monday, October 31, 2011


pumpkie, pumpkie's a happy pumpkie....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy week and catching up from being sick!!!

Our time with Aunt Lisa was so good, and Lily is still talking about her every few hours.  However, convinced that Aunt Lisa needs to take care of Uncle Adam and Ellie, Lily continues to comfort herself with the thought.
 Wed. night was Dodo's birthday "party"...and you know Lily and birthdays.  And her Dora jammies.  You might think she wears nothing else...and that would be accurate.  
 Then, Aunt Lori and Granny Smith sent us a great box of goodies, and Lily has been taking her painting VERY seriously.  As has Sofie.
 By now, this mask has been painted over 13 times.  
 Then, Sofie discovered this toy of Lily's today and LOVES to bang the buttons, making it light up and sing songs about the alphabet.  This is the first thing we've ever found that keeps Sofie happy for more than her four-minute norm.  MAN, this below picture looks like my sister when she was a baby!  
Our Haitian friends and neighbors have started to say of Sofie:
li remen fache e li remen kontan!
And how true it is...she LOVES to be angry and she LOVES to be happy.  And nothing in between :)  Hard to believe how fast these lovelies are growing up!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

big weekend

 We might be on our own, but that doesn't mean this weekend hasn't been busy! 
 Lily, singing to Boone and "putting him down for his nap."
Ready for church this morning, wearing their kind-of matching dresses from the Renners that Lily INSISTED they both wear.

 There is no child so wonderful that Mom doesn't love that they're sleeping :)

 Then playing outside, Sofie getting into the groove with her bouncy-chair-thing the Grissom's sent years ago for Lily!
 Lily, going from her bucket...
 ...into her house...
 ...and then jumping into her "swimming pool that Boone doesn't eat"...over and over!
 ...then sharing with us riveting tales of the scary ducks (pictured above) and the good ducks (pictured below.)


This afternoon, surprisingly for the first time, Lily says, "Mom?  Where is Shay?"  

I wasn't sure what to say, so I told her that Shay was in heaven.

"Hevn?"  she says.  "What's that?"

"Heaven, where Jesus lives.  And Grandma is with Him.  And Shay."

Lil says immediately, "I want to go there!  See Grandma, see Jesus."

"I want to, too, hunnie," I said, choked up by her child-like faith and matched desire.  "We'll go to heaven someday when it's time and be with Jesus and Grandma and Shay.  Sometimes, when someone is sick, like Shay was, then they die, and if they love Jesus they can be with Jesus in heaven."

"So when I'm sick I can go to heaven?" she asks.  

Then this evening, starting around 5 pm, Lily kept begging to go to bed.  Finally, around 6:15 with Dodo and Bubba and Junior over for dinner, I say, "LILY!  Why do you want to go to sleep so bad?  Are you tired?"

"I wanna go to bed 'cause when I wake up, Lisa is coming!"

Too cute...She's had an emotional weekend with Grandpa leaving and Daddy being gone...she doesn't understand why if everyone "wants to be with me", everyone is leaving.  Having Lisa this week will be MARVELOUS..."Just us girls, no Uncle Adam, no Poppy, no Grandpa, just us girls, us four ones....and candy."

That's my girl :)


There's a lot to share with you, but until my sister gets here, I only have 5 minutes at a time to blog :)  

Last night, Lily and I were watching "The Lion King" that Dodo and Bubba brought with them, and there was a scene where the dad and kid lion are playing together.  Simba falls into Mufasa (his dad) and says, "We're buddies, aren't we Dad?" and the Dad says, "Yep, always".  Lily leans over to me and says, "Look!  We're friends like that, too, huh."  

It was GREAT...these girlies are the best.  

Lily is desperately missing her grandpa, and keeps saying, "but I didn't want him to go!"  Thankfully, Aunt Lisa is on her way!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"MOOOOOMMM," said Lily this morning.  "I need more soap to wash my hands!"

"Well, what happened to the bar of soap that was in the bathroom?" I asked her.

"Ummmmm.  I think Poppy squished it up in little pieces, and then put them in the toilet, and then flushed it.  I think."

"Lily, Poppy's not here.  Do you mean that maybe you did that?"

"Um.  Maybe."

Monday, October 3, 2011

jonah's rainbow

There was the boldest, biggest rainbow I have ever seen outside yesterday, and Lily was mesmerized.

"Mommy!  We have to get CLOS-er." she kept saying, and we did try!

"Lily!" I said.  "Do you remember the story in our Bible about the rainbow!?"

"YES!"  she exuded.  "And God said, 'Spit him out!' and the big fish spit out Jonah!  And the rainbow!" least I know she is listening when we read her Bible each day :)

She was very excited as we talked about Noah that the rainbow yesterday meant there would be no more storms. (she's begun to be terrified of thunder) I tried to explain that God didn't promise no more storms, but no more flooding the earth, which is like rain, but a LOT of rain, and she finally just shrugged her shoulders and said, "I love the rainbows!"

Then this morning she found the new wheelie-chair thing the Renners just gave us for Sofie, and insisted I put Sofie in and then proceeded to wheel her all around the house.  They both loved it...the first time I've seen a glimpse of all the days ahead of the girls "playing together."