Thursday, January 27, 2011

princess lily prayers

Lily had a very fun mail day Tuesday with a gift of princess attire from the Grissom's and a few b-day presents from cousin Nico.

THANK YOU, Grissom's and Ayars!!!


Now, our little princess will hardly go anywhere without at least her wings, and Laura, the jewelry box, especially, is SUCH a hit.

Lily and Louie have become good friends (and it actually goes 2 ways! imagine that)...they follow each other around, sleep together, and Louie is frequently Lily's dress-up mate.

One of our favorite new things Lily is doing is praying with us.  Before each meal and at bedtime, she grabs our hands and waits for us to start.  Once we start praying, she waits for a pause, and starts interjecting things and people that she wants to thank Jesus for.  At first, it was "Mommy and Daddy", and now, we can hardly finish the prayer in under 10 minutes...Mommy, Daddy, Dodo, Bubba, Baby Sophie, Nico, Jacob and Josephine, Maxi, Abel, Gertha, Misheline, Granny, Jake and Nina, Shay, Louie, Grandpa, Lisa, Admin, Grammy, Pops, Uncle Don, Uncle Matt...then on to her favorite things..."cup, rice, goats, toys, games, princesses, cookies, Elmo, books, monkeys....

She is becoming one very grateful little girl :)  She has also finally perfected remembering "Mesi", "Please" and "You're welcome" and last but not least...she hasn't had an accident in days...I think we're finally there with potty training!  We even were gone from home for 4 or 5 hours yesterday with no accidents.  While she still prefers the "village method" ("pee in the GRASS, Mommy!") to the "home method", she's got 'em both down.  Such a blessing in a  country where we can't buy diapers or wipes!

Monday, January 24, 2011

half an oreo later

So maybe she is not
as Princess
and All-Girl
and as incredibly advanced
as we say she is...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Aunt Lori's adorable birthday package arrived yesterday for Lily, and this morning Lily dug in, THRILLED to have another birthday.  She opened her card, "read it", and then started singing "Happy Birthday to ME!" all over again...

 In her new kitty shirt, she opened her new Tinker Bell panties, and immediately had to put them on and check them out!

 Then opened her too-cute little cooking set...

 pop up book...
and cookie which she said, "OK, Mommy!  Let's go!" and headed for the kitchen.  This girl loves to bake!
Aunt Lori, thank you SO MUCH, and most for the best gift of all, the conversation hearts!!!  I looked EVERYWHERE for them before we came back and they hadn't hit the shelves yet...I'm already half through the bag, with Lily's help....SO GREAT...nothing better out there!

THANK YOU for thinking of our little one and blessing us through blessing her!  We love you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

what you all say is true...

You DON'T take as many pictures of your second child.  Already!  We have monthly pregnancy photos of Lily, starting with the day I found out I was pregnant, and today at 20 weeks is our first Sophie picture :)  We are half-way there!

This one is for Martin and Charlie, who Matt always seeks to entertain :)

20 weeks with Lily!

Yesterday we were all laying on our bed trying to take a Sunday nap together, and Lily, ever looking for distractions from nap time, was quiet for a while and then said, "Mommy, and Poppy, and Me."  We grinned, and said, "Yeah!  Mommy, Poppy and you."

Then she continues.  "And Baby Sophie.  And Baby Jesus.  All done."

It was SO cute, and precious to already see her understanding, even just a little bit, that Sophie is going to be joining us soon and that even when she can't see baby Jesus, He is with us.

My sister and I laughed last night that it IS a bit concerning that Jesus is ALWAYS a baby with Lily, and got laughing about Ricky Bobby and his insistence in "Taladega Nights" that the BEST version of Jesus is little 8-pound, can't even lift His head yet, Baby Jesus.  Lily's right there with Ricky Bobby :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

I KNOW I am incredibly biased...but I just don't see how God could make them any cuter than this!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lily's thoughts

Lily has been saying some of the FUNNIEST stuff lately, and Matt and I vowed to get it up here so we have records for when she's older and all we can remember is that she said funny stuff.  We love that she is starting to express extra ideas, not just "Cup, please" and "I sleepy."

She's started to just tell us what she's thinking and how she's feeling and just a running commentary of her perspective, which is just beautiful.

The other night in Columbus, for example, she would NOT go to bed.  She kept getting up over and over, opening her door and coming downstairs.  I took her up, then grandpa tried (though they mostly just jumped from one bed to another) and then her daddy went up.  For over 30 minutes, I could hear the two of them just talking away, and finally, I had to go get firm.

However, before I came up, she was telling her dad that she wanted to "go downstairs and see mommy."  Matt said to her several times in response, "No, it's time to go night-night."  She tried several more times, was quiet for a bit, and finally grinned, crawled off the bed and said, "OK, Papa.  You go night-night.  I'll go downstairs and see Mommy!"

Then, a few nights before we left, she was swimming around in the bathtub, her favorite thing about America (bathtubs), and suddenly passed a significant amount of gas, making lots of bubbles.  She started giggling (she IS her father's daughter) and just to make sure I didn't miss it, said, "Look, Mom!  I'm poopin' bubbles!"

Anyone can tell you that I am quite the prude about such things, but I couldn't help but laugh at her translation of what was happening.

Friday night after our plane was FINALLY done being de-iced and heading down the runway, Lily peered out her window and waved "bye-bye" to "grandpa's house."  I was waving with her, and we said several good-byes until she seemed content.  She sat back down, and then all the sudden jumped back to the window again and yelled (Yelled.) "I love you! I LOVE YOU!  Bye-bye! I LOVE YOU!"

Try as we have, we have NEVER heard her say "I love you", and here she was yelling her lungs out at grandpa without any prompting.  It was so funny...and a bit heart wrenching.  (can't believe I haven't told you this one, yet, daddy...with all the days of hectic traveling.  You got her first "I love you!")

Today she and I were cleaning the kitchen, and I had out Doreen's three-step step-stool.  Lily was climbing and descending it with me each time we worked on a cupboard, and I must have been telling her to "be careful."  I forgot to put the thing away when we moved to a new room, and later in the afternoon Matt walked into the kitchen to find her standing on the top step, grinning.

"Lilllllllly!" Matt said with warning in his voice.

"I KNOW, Poppy!" she said with exasperation.  "Be careful!"

Then yesterday she caught me talking on the phone what she thought was too loudly, and she tugged at my led and said, "SHHHH! Mommy!  Baby Sophie is sleeping!" patting my belly a few times for emphasis.  She might not get the whole "sister is coming" thing, but she knows there is a baby in there and seems to also know that she has been self-deemed second mother.

It's been so fun to watch her these last days in her house.  Though she thoroughly enjoyed these last three weeks, she has been OVERJOYED these last two days.  Playing with Maxi, riding Shay, running next door to "see Dodo Bubba" and running through the house, playing with all her new toys, old toys, looking through all her clothes, getting in all the beds, checking all the cabinets, just like she is so happy to be home that she doesn't know what to do with herself.

She is "tatouni" (naked) once more, running about in just her underwear, and every time I try to put even a t-shirt on her, she says, "But MOM...I no cold!"  Apparently, this one thinks that clothing is ONLY for warmth, and therefore, no longer necessary anymore.  She's one happy tatouni child.

We added to her joy today by finally giving her her Christmas/birthday present from Matt and I, a pink bike we bought in the Dominican and had hidden in Dodo and Bubba's house.  It is too big for her, and she is still working on the whole pedal/steer concepts, but it had a basket, streamers, and a little chair on the back for her baby, and we just couldn't resist when we saw it.  She LOVES it, keeps telling everyone from Josephine to her Elmo doll about "my bike" and is working on it with Poppy.  Tomorrow Jacob and Josephine promised to ride their bikes with her and show her how it's done.

All that to say, Lily continues to be an ever-changing ever-gift that we are so tremendously grateful for.  A friend reminded me the other day that not that many years ago, I (a-rather-feminist,-vegetarian, -let's-all-stop-dating-and-be-much-happier-living-and-dying-alone-in-peace version of me) kept telling people I didn't even WANT, how they change everything, including what we want!