Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday we were driving on some back Kansas gravel roads. 

Lily was in the middle of one of her songs, and started singing about the road right as we turned onto a paved road.

“Oh, Gooooood!  Thank you for this nice good road!  And Oh, Gooooooood!   NO NO NO Thank you for that bumpy smoky road!  But Oh Gooooood!  We still love you, we still love you, we still LOOOOOOVVVEEEEE You!”

It was GREAT. 

 The best part about being with Martin and Sharon was that she remembered them from our great time together in Haiti in February, and therefore jumped right into good time with them without needing two days to warm up. 

Our lives are so shifting that there aren’t a lot of people like that in their dual lives, and we’re so thankful. 

(making water balloons)

 She adored Uncle Martin and Aunt Sharon’s little trailer SO much, and as we left their house at 6:30 am this morning, was singing it songs, too.

“I love YYOOOOUUU, my little house!  I’ll be back!  And we will play!  We will play on Friday!  My little house, I love you much!”

Poor Sofie's foot and mouth...she's been looking terrible, but hasn't been acting as miserable as she's looked :(
Lily, taking a "pretend shower", right before she slammed the door closed because she was "pretend naked."

She also enjoyed some great times with twins we’ve been anxious to meet for years, Macy and Caden.  She was quite enamored to have other 3 year olds to play with, and was all the happier when they came over and got to play in her “little house.”

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just back from the doctor again, and now on top of Lily's cough and ear infection, she has hand, foot and mouth disease as well!  We leave tomorrow morning for Kansas, and she's awfully uncomfortable and fussy, which is just SO not Lily!

Please be praying for her health and comfort and that the Lord will help Matt and I with the extra needed patience and sleep!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lily-isms of Late

With yet another runny nose, Lily keeps asking everyone for a "tennis shoe" (tissue).


Tonight, Matt tucked Lily into bed and said, "OK, Lily, I'm going to go downstairs now."

"No, I don't want to go to bed by myself!" Lily said.

"You'll be fine!" Matt said assuredly.

"Oh, Jesus!" Lily moaned dramatically.  "Be with me!"


"I think about Uncle Adam every days.  I miss him really much!"


Monday, June 18, 2012

sick chicks, again.

Hey, will you please be praying for Sofie and Lily?  I swear they've been sick almost constantly since coming to the States, and as the doctor explained to me this morning, perhaps this is because all the "American" bacteria is really foreign to them!

It's bizarre to have little girls who are always SO healthy in Haiti be so sick in America!

Lily's is back on meds with another ear infection/fever/cough today, and Sofie has had a runny nose and been extra fussy for...a long time.

We have plans to fly to Kansas on Friday, have cancelled all plans that include the girls until then, and are just trying to get them better! THANK YOU for your prayers!

Friday, June 15, 2012

the sweet life

The girls make the little things in life so sweet...especially when we experience many of the America "good things" so rarely!  
Lily is in love with the invention of the ice cream cone.  Her favorite stunt is biting the bottom off  first, and then dripping ice cream down Uncle Adam's jeans.  She's getting better, though :)  Girl after my own heart!

Meanwhile, Sofie's newest thing is swinging her arms like she's conducting a symphony everywhere she walks.  I don't know.  But it's really cute :)

Then "Bubble Land" was the afternoon treat, which Sofie only thinks is fun if Lily thinks it's fun.  Then it's CRAZY fun.  

Just love 'em.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

for Biga!

We found this totally awesome sign last night at midnight on our way home from speaking for our little friend Abigail!  She was quickly nicknamed "Biga" (aBIGAil) since coming to Haiti, and so this was perfect...
 and this is MORE perfect :)

We took on cleaning out the garage and cars yesterday, and Sofie helped by driving.

Monday, June 4, 2012

happy birthday Sofia!

We had a GREAT weekend, celebrating old friendships, good memories and new beginnings!
First, Lily and I had a great afternoon catching up with old friends Molly and was so good to reunite with friends I haven't seen for years only to find them loving the Lord, loving their husbands, and working to further His kingdom...what a gift and joy, and to remember all over again why we were friends!
Lily took this picture!  my future blogger :)
Then yesterday we had what would have been the best day of Sofie's life, if her dad had been there.  Grandpa, Uncle Adam, Aunt Lisa, Lily, Sofie and I had just a GREAT great day at the zoo.  Sofie adored the animals, and was particularly enamored at the monkeys, all of whom she grabbed for and cat-called.
She also mastered going down slides by herself, rode the carousel, and ate cotton candy.  She and Lily were in great moods all day and we spent seven hours there, until after the zoo even closed, which we never thought possible with two so little, especially after an early morning at church!

SO, if you don't mind indulging me for a second, I want to share Sofie's big day with you (and with her Daddy, who missed it) and a bit about who she is so far.  Just the pictures I caught today show her personality.
or, for a British friend who wasn't familiar with 'ornery', she's cheeky :)
Sofie will walk like a champ all over the room.  But she's 10 times happier if she's holding your finger.  And she's 10 times happier still if she's holding Lily's.  She wants to be and do wherever/whatever her sister is doing, 100 percent of the time.

Just like Lily (above), Sofie wasnt' crazy about the hat.
Everything she touches is for her mouth.  Everything.
and then literally one second later.  
This is Sofia.  And she can cry if she wants to.
and then she will be happy again.
 and then she will cry again.
She is curious, and VERY serious when she sees or does something new.
Which, when she's tired or teething, means she cries, too.
That is, until she tastes sugar.  Here, her very first taste of cake!  (this week)
Then, she's in heaven.  And loudly says, "MMMMM! MMMMM!" through the rest of her piece.

Just like she does when she looks at a book or magazine, just like Lily did.

She also LOVES to share food, and always wants to put whatever she is eating in your mouth, too.

She and Lily have these little moments a few times a day that just WARM my heart...just a little, "It's ok!" or "Happy Birthday", or "Good Morning," or just a kiss.  It's SO great.
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Adam got her this singing doggie, and she LOVES it.  She would NOT put it down the rest of the day.  Her new thing is "kiss-kiss", and everytime you say it, she kisses whoever is in front of her :)
By now, she was just exhausted...and we weren't getting anymore smiles...until we busted out Mommy and Poppy's gift.
Any toy called "hit and hammer" seemed perfect for our bruiser.
Friends from Haiti say that if we never have a boy, Sofie could suffice :)

But still with a grip on doggie.
So happy, so good, so....

Put her in her swing with her doggie, and that was IT.
Plays hard, feels hard...sleeps hard :)
While she slept, big sister cleaned up all the b-day balloons, always taking care of Sof.

And after that nap, she was good to go again.  And that is Sofie.  

She's bold, full of life, social, and she may be off running and she might give us NO rest, but she loves so fiercely that we can't wait to watch her life unfold within a fiercely loving Father's hands.