Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Joy, joy, JOY!

Everyday I think that we couldn't love Lily any more, or that she couldn't possibly bring us more joy, and the next day she keeps proving us wrong. She has been SUCH a joy lately, learning constantly, chatting up a storm, going EVERYWHERE, enjoying all things Christmas, the cat we are cat-sitting, everything!

"OOOOoooo!" she always says, pointing and wide-eyed by all kinds of exciting things. Her vocabulary continues to grow, now including "Doggie, Don, Cookie, Daddy, Mommy, No and Uh-oh" and lots of babble. She loves dessert and sweets more than anything else, but bananas and avocados are close seconds...It's like she has a sugar radar: the second you begin to eat ANYTHING sweet she appears.

She loves to follow Cat all over the house, peeking under beds and chairs and grabbing at her ears. She loves wearing her sandals and walking all over the yard, insisting on stomping through every puddle, ant hill and rock quarry. She wants to walk everywhere, but won't without holding onto one finger.

She also loves kids....ANY kids. Pictured here are she and her buddy Olie, getting into everything together until they were finally chased out of the kitchen.

We are so excited about Christmas this year, and sharing the excitement that comes with His Birth with Lil! Aunt Lee and Grandpa will be here on the 20th, and I think Lily is waiting to take those first steps on her own for them!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

11 months and on the go...

Lily has been sick (check out our main blog), so it's been a rough couple of days...But now she's out and walking everywhere, though she still insists on clinging to something with one hand as she goes :) That is ok by us...her baby days are all but over, it seems! Meanwhile, she's spending tons of time with her new nativity set (Thank you Brenda and Don!), eating the sheep, donkeys, and Baby Jesus and lighting up the star and music over and over.

The only thing that has made her feel better while sick was her Elmo video on singing and dancing!

She's also getting into coloring (and not just eating the crayons) with her good friend Daisy. We are thanking the Lord for a happy healthy baby and the joy she brings!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

lily loves...

...avocado. In her mouth. In her eyes. In her hair.

...the Beach, crawling through the hot sand, eating it like it were sugar.
...driving. She takes this very seriously, and has also learned how to honk the horn with her belly.
...getting into boxes she is NOT supposed to get into, to open presents that are NOT for her.

...her DADDY!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lily is doing new things every day lately and we're just working to keep up with her. She LOVES her "Doggie" and from the moment she wakes up, she will look at you, look all around, and say, "Doggie? Doggie! Doggie!" The search is on. Even when we pull in the driveway now to the house, she starts: Doggie! Doggie!

Shay is super patient with her pulling at her lips, bopping her on the head and picking at her teeth :) There is no doubt that Shay is Lily's favorite thing right now.

A close second is my i-pod, which she has recently learned how to change songs, up and down the volume, and make the albums switch. In a 2 minute period I'll hear Christmas music, sermon lectures, the Mama Mia! soundtrack and Beethoven. She LOVES it!
Today she began standing up, without the use of a wall or piece of furniture, but all by herself from sitting. When I got home from class, she and Gerta were standing face to face, Gerta singing, both of them clapping, and Lily 'dancing' up and cute!

She is finally becoming accustomed to the new house, our visitors, and being transported back and forth. I'm thankful again for such a flexible baby!