Thursday, January 9, 2014

Secret Weapon.

I have updated the girls blog in so long because when they say hilarious things or make precious memories, I've just been throwing them up on FB.  However, at the end of last year, I missed having those memories here to print off and keep!  SO, I recommit to sharing those things here!

This morning Lily was working on making a card game, all the rage right now since Ethan Heckman's original wonder. 

"Mom? What are some GOOD weapons for my card game? Right now I have grapes, fire, and volcano."

I suggested bow and arrow, and packing peanuts.

"Naw," says Lily. "Ooooo, I've got a a good one! How about RINGWORM!!"

Sign 134 that your child is a missionary kid: homemade game includes a ringworm card.

We miss Matt terribly and will all be very happy Saturday when he gets home!!!

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