Friday, January 17, 2014

in just three days...

It's crazy how busy toddler world can be!
I have yet to find a science experiment that doesn't utterly delight this girl...

And even though she doesn't like pants, this girl sure is a CUTIE.
lookin' all big :(

Our cat mercilessly taunts Boone incessantly...all from the safety of her screened in porch!

Today we made Galaxy Gak...and the girls LOVED IT!

After getting their braids out the girls always think they are LOVELY...which always makes them a bit crazy.

Lily has been really excited about chores lately...which we are capitalizing on!  Today, bleaching and washing all the eggs and produce.
Finally, tonight the girls decided to goalie the VP soccer match.
How we got Lily picking her nose and Sofie accidentally flicking off the camera at the same time, I do not know :)

They had a really good time...even when the guys actually started shooting on them :)

We've got a GREAT group of VP's here right now and we've all been having SUCH a good time working together for one goal!

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kelli Foss said...

Lily's hair is getting so long! My girl loves going to bed with braids and taking them out in the morning :)